New Activities APIs in APItude suite

As a part of our continued focus on driving business for our clients while, at the same time, simplifying the customer experience across all our touch points, we have now launched two new products in APItude, our suite of travel distribution APIs: Activities BookingAPI and Activities ContentAPI.

From now on, as well as our portfolio of over 75,000 hotels, our clients will also be able to access our full range of activity products (excursions and tickets) all in the same APItude suite.

Our new APIs have been specially designed and bring a completely new approach to the distribution of activities, enabling access to more structured content featuring images, videos and audio, as well as improved content and product descriptions.

Apart from these improvements, our new APIs also make it possible to meet clients’ preferences by including geolocation options for excursions as well as for ticket locations of a particular venue, voucher-less information, barcodes to skip the line and bundled products. They also bring a new set of products, which includes Theater Tickets in London or the GrayLine product portfolio, amongst others.

The Main highlights are:

  • Best-in-class technology providing a Json API with SDKs, which makes the integration process 50% faster.
  • New and more complete content with valuable information about API functionalities and some commercial guidelines.
  • Enhanced content: media (videos and high quality images), geolocation for all attractions, approximate duration of excursions, detailed itineraries, improved segmentation of products, barcodes and QR codes for certain products.
  • Search by geolocation, activity code (FourSquare Activity IDS or Hotelbeds Service Code) or keywords.

Our new Activities APIs support the development of new travel and activities websites or mobile apps, providing easy and instant access to a portfolio of 10,000 activities.

Additionally, in order to deliver best-in-class support, we have set up a new team that will be focused exclusively on transfers and activities with the goal of supporting and guiding our clients through the process of conceptualizing, planning and integrating with the suite of Hotelbeds Group APIs. Give it a try by registering at

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