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    7 December 2017

    What is the collective noun for a group of code gurus?


    The collective noun for a group of birds is a flock and you call a group of elephants a herd. But what do you call a group of code gurus? Answers on a post card please. 

    There are a great many false stereotypes about IT programmers and software engineers. But perhaps the two most inaccurate are that they spend their whole lives behind a screen, and that they work alone.

    To prove that this is not the case, a delegation of more than 40 people from the Hotelbeds Group IT department recently attended the Codemotion event celebrated this year in Madrid. Their goal? To share knowledge and network with other professionals from the fast-growing travel tech industry.

    Codemotion is a multi-language and multiplatform event that brings together developers from the Java, Cloud, Mobile, Rails, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 communities. There are annual conferences in Rome, Milan, Madrid, Berlin and Tel Aviv, with Madrid’s event growing since its foundation to become a fixture in the technological events calendar – with leading sponsors such as Microsoft and Google.

    Under the theme ´machine learning´, this year more than 250 code gurus gathered in Madrid in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss topics such as ´Continuous Integration & Delivery´ (or how to deliver new software functionality faster and better) and ´Infrastructure as a code´ (or how to automate hardware operation and provisioning).

    This is the second time Hotelbeds Group has attended codemotion and based on feedback we´ll be returning again next year. In fact, Roberto Calvo, IT Development Manager at Hotelbeds Group commented that “based on discussions with other professionals it was reassuring to know that we have a great team and we brought back a lot of inspiration and ideas that will add value to our partners over the coming years”.