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    3 October 2019

    Why foreign is best for US hoteliers looking for high-value guests


    Visitors to the United States are responsible for nearly 1.2 million U.S jobs that represent $33 billion in overall wages, according to the U.S Travel Association.

    With travel spending increasing exponentially every year, is it any surprise that these tourists welcome big business for hoteliers?

    To put this into perspective, on average, international travelers spend $4,200 when visiting the U.S. and stay an average of 18 nights! The difference between that and a domestic traveler is enormous.

    But not all ‘international travelers’ are equal. While ‘long-haul arrivals’ – international travelers flying 7+ hours to the U.S. – represent only close to half of all non-domestic arrivals, they are nonetheless responsible for 84% of all international travel spending made inside the U.S.

    A great example of such travelers would be Chinese visitors, who not only visit the U.S. in robust numbers, but are spending an average of $6,700 during their stays.

    What’s more, all of this travel spending by international visitors generates nearly $170 billion in federal, state and local taxes.

    International travelers, and particularly long-haul travelers, not only pay a higher per night rate than other international visitors, typically these customers also cancel less, make bookings further in advance, stay longer, spend more in the destination, give more generous tips and are keen to return more often. 

    At Hotelbeds, on average, 60% of the bookings we provide to our US hotel partners come from non-domestic travelers We gain these via our high quality distribution channels that target over 60,000 B2B travel buyers (tour operators, travel agents, airlines, loyalty and point plans) based in over 140 source markets around the world that drive bookings that are fully complimentary and incremental to a hotels own direct distribution strategy.

    If you would like to find out more about how to fill your hotel with high-value overseas reservations – and spend more time creating a memorable experience for guests – then contact us today.