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    26 April 2018

    Hotelbeds Group certified carbon neutral

    • The certification comes after a thorough analysis of Hotelbeds Group’s carbon footprint by independent body, Carbon Footprint Ltd
    • Group has created a self-funded project by adding a €2.60 surcharge for every business flight taken by employees
    • All funds will be donated to Portel-Pará Deforestation, an offsetting project located within Brazil’s Amazon region

    Palma, 25 April 2018. Hotelbeds Group, the world´s leading bedbank, has recently obtained the status of a Carbon Neutral Organisation from Carbon Footprint Ltd, an independent body that accredits carbon management measurements and best practices for businesses. 

    This prestigious accreditation reflects Hotelbeds Group’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact and ensure long-term sustainability by offsetting its carbon emissions during the year of 2017.

    Carbon emission calculations, including energy and paper consumptions, waste management, business travel and water supply, were completed by Hotelbeds Group, using metrics devised by Carbon Footprint Ltd, the sustainability experts. Carbon Footprint Ltd has also successfully completed a verification of the carbon footprint assessment for Hotelbeds Group. This included spot-checking source data from across the group as well as reviewing the overall methodology.

    Due to business travel being Hotelbeds Group’s biggest carbon emission factor, the company has created an internal self-funded programme whereby a €2.60 fee is charged per business flight taken by employees, with a desire to encourage a reduction in travel and increase company and employee awareness around the importance of carbon offsetting.

    This year the Corporate Sustainability team has chosen to donate funds raised to the Portel-Pará Deforestation Project, which is located within Brazil’s Amazon, the largest remaining rainforest on our planet.

    Commenting on the certification, Joan Vilà, Executive Chairman of Hotelbeds Group commented: “We are proud to have been certified a Carbon Neutral Organisation as it underscores our sustainable business outlook. By mixing our sustainability goals with our financial and operational goals, we are creating win-win conditions for the Group and all its stakeholders to thrive in the long term.”

    “As leaders in the travel industry we wanted to be at the forefront of environmental consciousness, inspiring both other companies and even individual travellers.”

    Dr Wendy Buckley, Client Director at Carbon Footprint said “Hotelbeds has taken an integrated and highly responsible approach to its carbon neutrality. As a trailblazer in the industry, they are balancing innovation alongside environmental sustainability.”

    Corporate sustainability is a responsibility that Hotelbeds Group takes very seriously. The Group is focused on and committed to environmentally and socially sustainable business practices that recognize the short and long-term concerns of our stakeholders, whilst integrating sustainability and accountability into our business. Hotelbeds Group recognizes that social and environmental sustainability is fundamental to the achievement of sustainable development outcomes, and therefore must be fully integrated into all our programmes and projects globally.


    As part of Hotelbeds Group’s participation in the Carbon Neutral initiative, the Group has set the following goals:

    • Giving back to local communities in the places where business is actually being done.
    • Helping to reduce global CO2 emissions.
    • Helping developing countries: economic, social & community development.
    • Fostering local community relations.
    • Engaging staff and creating awareness of our environmental impact.
    • Balancing out unavoidable emissions by becoming carbon neutral.


    About Hotelbeds Group

    Hotelbeds Group is the world´s leading bedbank.

    The Group’s proprietary technology helps providers of travel services distribute their offering to travel sellers globally via an easy-to-use, advanced technology platform that increases reach, revenue and yield for both the provider and the seller.

    Operating mainly under the Hotelbeds, Bedsonline, Tourico Holidays and GTA brands, the company connects over 60,000 travel intermediaries across more than 185 source markets globally with travel providers in over 185 countries representing more than 170,000 hotels, 22,000 transfer routes and 16,000 activities.

    In September 2016 the company became independent under the ownership of Cinven and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). In June 2017 Tourico Holidays became part of Hotelbeds Group, followed by GTA also joining the Group in October; both companies remain independent brands whilst they are being integrated into the Group.

    The Group is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


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