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    1 February 2018

    Spaniards increase early booking rate for summer holidays by 30%

    • The Spanish source market, which traditionally has a high rate of last-minute bookings, is experiencing a significant change in trend this year according to Bedsonline booking data.
    • Top summer destinations are New York, Riviera Maya, San Francisco, Majorca and Orlando.
    • Bookings made a year in advance have seen the highest increase.

    Palma, February 1st, 2018- Bedsonline, the leading global provider of online accommodation and ancillary products which exclusively caters to travel agencies, has announced that early bookings for the summer period —from June to September— for Spain as a  source market have grown by 30 % compared to last year.[1]

    Meanwhile bookings made one year in advance are those that have experienced the most significant boost, with an increase of 43% compared with the previous year. This is followed by bookings made  nine months in advance, with an increase of 25%.

    This data is especially relevant considering the fact that, traditionally, bookings by Spaniards are usually made at the last minute, when compared to other markets such as the United Kingdom or Germany.

    Top summer destinations from the Spanish source market are New York, Riviera Maya, San Francisco, Majorca and Orlando. Despite the recent recovery of Turkey and Egypt as destinations, Majorca has consolidated itself as one of the preferred destinations for Spanish tourists during this year´s summer holidays.

    Carlos Feliu, Sales Director of Bedsonline, commented "this year we are detecting a considerable change in the booking habits of Spanish tourists. Compared to other markets such as the UK or Germany, Spaniards´ summer bookings are traditionally made last minute. Nevertheless, this year we have noticed an important increase of early bookings, up by 30% compared to the previous year.

    "This change in trend can be attributed, to a large extent, to the recovery of the economy following two years of sustained growth. Additionally the high hotel occupancy in Spain last summer may have also encouraged Spanish tourists to book their vacations earlier in order to not miss out."

    "City breaks and sun & beach destinations are still the favorites of Spaniards, with New York, Riviera Maya, San Francisco, Majorca and Orlando the most in demand."

    About Bedsonline

    Bedsonline is the leading global provider of accommodation and travel ancillary products that exclusively caters to travel agencies. It distributes through its online platform accommodation, excursions, tickets and transfers to more than 30,000 travel agencies in 30 countries. In Spain, 8,000 agencies rely on Bedsonline to make their reservations.


    The company stands out for its extensive portfolio - over 170,000 hotels in 185 destinations, 21,000 transfer routes in 140 countries, and 16,000 activities in 200 countries -  to offer a personalized local service through an intuitive and easy-to-use online booking tool. In this way Bedsonline guarantees high availability and competitive prices to the great satisfaction of its clients.


    The business-to-business online provider has focused its strategy in recent years on the expansion of new markets in Europe, America and Asia, such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico, the United States, Colombia, China, Japan and the Philippines. This strategic vision has led the company to occupy a position of advantage in the industry.


    Bedsonline is part of Hotelbeds Group, the business-to-business provider of services to the travel industry globally. The Group is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and has 8,300 employees working across 200 offices globally.


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    [1] This data concerns bookings to date made through the Bedsonline platform for reservations for the months of June to September 2018.