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    11 January 2019

    Success of Bedsonline’s +3% commission worldwide bonanza exceeds expectations

    • Overwhelming success of the promotion obliges Bedsonline to remind customers that only one week is left to enjoy the +3% extra commission
    • To celebrate the holidays with a sales boost for customers, Bedsonline recently extended until 17 January its +3% commission campaign on all accommodation sales
    • The campaign has also driven more customers of Bedsonline’s sister brands to transition over – following recent decision to consolidate onto one platform 


    Palma, 11th January 2019. Bedsonline, the leading global provider of accommodation and complementary products exclusively for travel agents, has today provided an update on the overwhelming success of its holiday season +3% commission campaign for customers worldwide.

    Due to enormous popularity the campaign, which began on 17th December, was recently extended until 17th January 2019 and overall has exceeded all expectations, increasing year-on-year sales substantially across markets globally.

    All travel agents worldwide that work with Bedsonline on a commissionable basis are eligible and receive an extra 3% commission, on top of their regular commission, for all accommodation bookings made in any destination worldwide for any dates via the Bedsonline website.

    The company can additionally confirm that, as a result of this drive, the number of travel agents from Bedsonline’s sister brands registering for the platform has increased significantly.

    This follows news announced in September 2018 that Bedsonline’s sister companies, TravelCube, TravelBound and GTA’s retail brand would all become part of the Bedsonline platform and brand, with customer migration now almost complete.

    Alistair Rodger, Retail Travel Agents Director at Hotelbeds, said: “We always expected a positive reaction to this +3% commission campaign, but the reaction has been simply overwhelming. But all good things must come to an end, so we just wanted to remind everyone that less than a week is now left – and it really will end!

    “However, there has also been an even more important additional aspect to this campaign. By offering an additional 3% to commissionable clients, we were hoping to incentivise those travel agents who hadn´t yet switched-over to Bedsonline from using the old TravelBound, TravelCube and GTA website platforms. So I´m very pleased to confirm that there has been a very significant jump in the number of travel agents moving over during the last few weeks.

    “Making sure that every last agent from TravelBound, TravelCube and GTA has smoothly transitioned onto the new Bedsonline platform is doubly important to us, as by the end of the month we´ll close the old websites to new bookings. Whilst they´ll still be available to modify old bookings, all new bookings must be done on the Bedsonline website.

    “We’re almost there now, but for the last few agents out there who have not made the switch yet, contact your account manager to help support you – and they´ll explain how you can benefit from an incentive we’re offering for your first three bookings on the platform.”

    The enchanced Bedsonline platform – which now incorporates the accommodation portfolio and best features of the TravelCube, TravelBound and GTA offering – offers travel agents globally the following benefits:

    1)    Diverse and competitive product portfolio: over 170,000 hotels globally available (with over 90,000 of those directly sourced, making the content both unique and competitively priced), 24,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities, PLUS 140,000 cars available for hire – all sourced by a team of over 1,000 contractors globally.

    2)  Powerful and user-friendly technology: best-in-class search engine designed specifically for the needs of travel agents allows users to filter and compare results in a flexible and practical way, including intuitive email and PDF functions – 70% of existing customers cite the platform as a top factor in choosing the service. Bedsonline’s parent Group is the only distributor to operate its own cloud-based, open source data centre and handles up to 1.5 billion searches per day.

    3)  Local knowledge combined with a global offering: local sales teams in every market with significant local knowledge and industry know-how ready to take care of all the needs of customers.


    About Bedsonline

    Bedsonline is the leading global provider of accommodation and complementary travel products that exclusively caters to travel agents. It distributes through its online platform accommodation, excursions, tickets and transfers to more than 50,000 travel agencies with sales teams in over 40 countries covering over 100 markets globally.

    The company stands out for its extensive portfolio – over 170,000 hotels in 185 destinations, 24,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities – to offer a personalized local service through an intuitive and easy-to-use online booking tool. In this way, Bedsonline guarantees high availability and competitive prices to the great satisfaction of its clients.

    The business-to-business online provider has focused its strategy in recent years on the expansion of new markets in Europe, America and Asia, such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico, the United States, Colombia, China, Japan and the Philippines. This strategic vision has led the company to occupy a position of advantage in the industry.

    Bedsonline is part of Hotelbeds, the world’s leading bedbank, and is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


    Media Relations and Corporate Affairs

    Anna Monreal