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    TaxiTime, the first global taxi and private car instant hailing platform


    TaxiTime, by Transfer and Activity Bank (TAB), is the world’s first global taxi and private car instant hailing platform.

    TaxiTime is the first metabook of instant hailing services allowing users to compare, book and pay for a ride in real time. Unlike most taxi apps currently available, the new app work on an international basis, to better serve TAB’s customers base of international travelers via OTA’s and other travel companies. This puts TaxiTime one step ahead of the competition, presenting limitless growth opportunities for the business.

    The new innovative platform is already integrated with seven suppliers, offering a combined fleet of 65,000 drivers across more than 50 destinations that will become progressively available through TaxiTime distribution channels. The brand’s next step is to further expand their offering within the next two to three years, aiming to achieve global coverage and reach over 1 million drivers.

    TaxiTime cut off with complexity by offering filters, payments with your own currency and options for choosing your own language or comparing prices. 

    The app is now ready to download for both Apple and Android.