Qtech Software connects Hotelbeds’ API suite

  • This new partnership will allow the 30-plus clients of both companies to benefit from a faster booking experience and the best-in-class technology.
  • APItude is the fastest and lightest hotel distribution API on the market.

Palma de Mallorca, 27th September 2016. Hotelbeds, the world’s leading bedbank, and Qtech Software, the trusted service provider for travel technology services, have announced today their agreement to join their API connectivity systems –APItude and OTRAMS respectively.

As a result of this partnership, the 30-plus mutual clients from both companies will benefit from a faster booking experience and the best-in-class technology with new more complete and multilingual information, videos and high quality images.

OTRAMS consolidates API feeds from global travel suppliers and resellers, and gives online travel clients the choice of the best available rates using their own credentials and including a booking across hotels, tours and transfers.

APItude is the API suite of Hotelbeds, the fastest and lightest hotel distribution API on the market. Under the banner of “we love simple”, the bedbank is focused on the benefits for the travel industry of fusing technological innovation with simplicity in order to adapt to new clients and consumers’ needs. The API of Hotelbeds is 50% lighter and 30% faster than before.

Sam Turner, Sales Director at Hotelbeds said, “This new agreement with Qtech Software strengthens Hotelbeds’ relationship with a key technological partner of the travel trade segment. This means sharing synergies and strengthening our presence in South Asia, where Qtech has a strong presence. Moreover, the integration with OTRAMS will allow the bedbank to widen its base of clients and to make the booking process easier and faster for them”.

Paresh Parihar, MD & CEO at Qtech Software commented, “We are proud to strengthen our partnership with Hotelbeds, which dates back to 2008. APItude will enable our mutual customers to benefit from faster results using JSON language. With room type based results classification, it will provide the customer with better choices and a faster booking experience. Our mutual clients can expect fantastic content with multilingual information and rich images, coupled with standardised room class data. We can also look forward to integrating the Transfers and Tours feed through the new API. The integration with APItude has made our product offering stronger and faster, and is very close to our vision of making the travel reservation process accessible, simple, and quick”.

“Excellent documentation combined with example codes on GitHub makes APItude a win-win choice for developers and our mutual customers, with a faster time to market. A user-friendly sandbox enabled us to streamline our testing and integration process”, confirmed Jignesh Modi, Project Manager at Qtech Software.

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