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    8 February 2024

    Palma, Spain, 8 February 2024 – Chinese New Year this year falls on February 10th and is considered one of the largest annual tourism events in the world. Tens of millions of travelers across the country take a trip to see family, enjoy cultural highlights and make the most of the celebrations, generating hundreds of billions of yuan for travel sellers, providers and intermediaries.   This year, HBX Group data has revealed that Harbin, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are among the big winners for the Chinese New Year, which runs from 9-17 February. Political and commercial capitals such as Beijing and Shanghai are also among the top five destinations as the country enters the Year of the Dragon.   When it comes to length of stay, most travellers, both national and international, choose to stay between 2 and 6 nights, trying to make the most of the holiday season.   Pippa Williamson, VP Commercial APAC at HBX Group said: "Celebrating Chinese New Year is not only a cherished tradition, but also an important economic driver for the travel industry. Our latest data highlights the resilience and adaptability of both travellers and destinations. We remain dedicated to providing our partners with actionable insights and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of travellers in the APAC region."   Boom in Arrivals   Changes in official regulations are also driving demand for travel this year. China lifted its final Covid-19 travel restrictions in August, making this year the first New Year celebrations since the turn of the decade to be completely free. Officials also recently granted visa-free entry for up to 15 days to citizens of five European nations (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain), while visa-free entry for citizens Singapore was resumed.   The changes have led to a ten-fold increase the inbound market for the Chinese New Year in 2024.   According to HBX Group data, the main outbound markets include Thailand, Japan, the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom. While the most popular destinations for the inbound market are Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, Macau and Hong Kong.   Looking Overseas   In terms of the outbound market from China, Thailand destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya are experiencing an increase in demand, while other destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Singapore, Bali and London are proving to be also popular this year.   ###     About the Data: Data reflects booking across Hotelbeds channels for travel within, to and from China between February 9th-17th, 2024.   About HBX Group HBX Group is a leading B2B ecosystem player in the TravelTech space, connecting and empowering businesses in the ever-evolving world of travel. We drive growth for our clients & partners while removing friction from the end-to-end travel experience. Our cloud-based technology platforms offer fast and reliable access to a unique portfolio of travel products & services, while rich data and intelligence seamlessly connect supply and demand worldwide.   We have more than 3,000 experts worldwide, including specialists on the ground who provide insights and support to boost trading even further, even in the most hard-to-reach segments. This unique blend of technology, data and passionate people serves as a catalyst for all businesses aiming to unlock their full potential in the travel arena.   Follow us:   Linkedin: Twitter: @Hotelbeds Facebook: Hotelbeds Instagram: @hotelbeds_official   Hotelbeds Media Contact   PR & Media Relations:  
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    30 January 2024

    Palma, 30 January 2024. Roiback, an award-winning HotelTech company specialising in technology and direct channel strategy for chains and independent hotels worldwide, has announced at FITUR 2024 its improvements in self-service, automation, and digital marketing for the hotel industry.   Roiback designs its latest self-service solutions to automate critical hotel tasks while offering greater flexibility to end users. It includes enhancements to ePayments (a proprietary technology for digital payments) and a more efficient booking flow.   These improvements reduce cancellations by 15%, improve turnaround time by 14% and seamlessly reduce manual tasks for the hotel team.   Cristina Perea, Managing Director of Roiback, explains: "At Roiback we strive to deliver reliable, cutting-edge technology solutions. In addition, our commitment to innovation is to deliver tangible results for our customers by improving their conversion rates and efficiency. As we continue to focus on our international development, we maintain a strong local presence in the markets in which we operate. We are the trusted partner of choice for hotels around the world because of our reliability, compliance and results”.   Roiback continues to lead in loyalty solutions for the direct channel, leveraging technology and expert consultancy. Its goal is to strengthen direct customer engagement and retention. Currently, the company's customers are improving revenue from the email channel by 208%, with bookings at an ADR (average daily rate) 16% above average.   Dynamic packaging in the direct channel (including flights and ancillary services) is becoming more popular, with more hotel chains incorporating this solution. This improves the value proposition for end customers, reducing cancellation rates, improving engagement, and increasing revenue for the hotel (+10% average booking value).   Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) remains one of Roiback's main objectives, with a dedicated team continuously striving for improvement. Applying a scientific approach based on data analysis, the company examines user experience, technical improvements, and their impact on conversion rates.   Roiback also integrates insurance solutions into the booking engine. This feature not only increases customer confidence, but also adds value to the hotel's offering and improves cash flow. This improves conversion rates and boosts the sale of non-refundable rates.   Digital marketing remains a key focus of the hotel growth strategy in 2024. As such, the company has expanded its digital marketing services and proprietary technology aimed at customers who do not use the Roiback booking engine. As a result, it gains versatility and the ability to serve a wider market, adapting to the preferences of the client's technology stack.     About Roiback Roiback, part of HBX Group, is an award-winning HotelTech company specialising in Direct Channel services and technology for both chains and independent hotels worldwide. The company’s offering includes a market-leading booking engine focused on conversion, web development, digital marketing services specialised in hotels and loyalty solutions. All combined with a dedicated team of Direct Channel specialists to support strategy and maximise results. Roiback is a Google Premier Partner and TripAdvisor strategic partner. For more information, visit  
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    24 January 2024

    Palma, Spain, 24 January 2024 – From heavy catalogues and fax machine confirmations to real-time online reservations, booking trips via travel agents has changed a lot over the past two decades and Bedsonline has been there to support them every step of the way.   As it marks its 20th anniversary of dedicated service to travel advisors, Specialising exclusively in catering to the needs of advisors worldwide, Bedsonline has evolved into a comprehensive B2B travel marketplace.   In an era where technology is integral, Bedsonline’s platform has been a catalyst in the transformation of travel consultants, providing them with tools to seamlessly find, create and manage bookings. As an example, its award-winning tool Insights, which guides travel agencies to offer a tailor-made experience based on specific data collected through real-time interactions with customers.   “As we celebrate Bedsonline’s 20th anniversary, we reflect not only on our history, but on the incredible evolution of travel advisors. We have witnessed remarkable changes in the industry over the past two decades, and our customers have been at the forefront of this transformation,” said Bertrand Sava, Managing Director of Bedsonline. “We remain committed to being the unwavering technology partner for travel consultants, enabling them to not only book accommodation, but also create extraordinary curated experiences for the end traveller. This milestone is not only a celebration of our history, but a testament to the enduring partnership between Bedsonline and travel advisors around the world.”   By equipping travel advisors with not only the latest tools, but also with the support of more than 1,500 specialists, including technology developers, data analysts, finance experts and marketing experts, Bedsonline ensures that travel consultants have the resources they need in an ever-changing landscape.   As the retail ecosystem continues to evolve, Bedsonline vision is clear: to be the preferred technology partner that ensures the travel advisor remains relevant to the end customer. By facilitating seamless connections between suppliers and customers and creating a comprehensive 360° travel experience, Bedsonline is committed to continuing to be the preferred B2B travel marketplace for travel agents.   ### About Bedsonline As the exclusive booking partner of travel agents worldwide, Bedsonline’s expansive product portfolio enables travel specialists to curate tailored experiences, wherever in the world a traveller wants to go. As part of HBX Group, Bedsonline is armed with data insights, award-winning tools and the knowledge of global teams, who are committed to driving the success of its partners. Through its online platform, Bedsonline distributes 300,000 accommodation, experiences, mobility services and fintech products sourced from more than 170 countries to more than 71,000 travel agencies worldwide. Owing to its evolving technology, wide inventory of products and warm customer service, Bedsonline is the defacto B2B partner for many travel bookers around the world. Visit to learn more.   Bedsonline Media Contact PR & Media Relations —
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    18 January 2024

    Palma, Spain, 18 January 2024 – Hotelbeds, part of HBX Group, has formed a new team in the U.S. focused on casino hotels. With more than 300 such properties across the country, the group aims to offer strategies and solutions tailored to the iconic gaming hubs of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Biloxi.ç   “We are always striving to be the partner of choice and forming this new team not only enables us to support casino hotels’ reach through data-led insights on traveller demographics but also attract customers from new source markets around the world when gaming hotels need the business,” said Lauren Atlass, Hotelbeds’ Vice President for North America. “Partnering with some of the most prominent gaming hotels in the U.S. also expands our offering within the leisure industry growing our portfolio helping us to meet the needs of even more travellers.”   As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas and the country’s other gaming hubs attract both domestic and international travellers, keen to experience all the cities have to offer. According to the American Gaming Association, the economic impact the U.S. casino gaming industry is more than $261 billion, while it also supports 1.8 million jobs.   To further support this new business sector, Hotelbeds has appointed Gianna Rivera as Head of Strategic Partnerships for North America. Gianna brings a wealth of industry experience and expertise to the role, having served as Group Vice President of Distribution & Connectivity at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and as Deputy Vice President in Sales at Accor Hospitality. She is also a HEDNA board member.   Hotelbeds will use its extensive booking data gained from its 195 global markets to assist its hotel partners in more effectively targeting the right customer helping both the properties and also travel advisors grow their businesses. In addition to its new range of U.S. casino hotels, Hotelbeds also offers tailored ancillary services, including car rental, global transfers and experiences across the country.   ### About Hotelbeds Hotelbeds is the leading B2B TravelTech online distributor for wholesalers, suppliers and destinations. As part of HBX Group, Hotelbeds connects more than 300,000 travel products – including accommodation, payment solutions, mobility services and experiences – to local and global brands, empowering their partners to satisfy the growing needs of the end traveller. Suppliers in more than 170 countries are granted seamless access to travel distributors and travellers across 190+ source markets, including those the most hard-to-reach segments. This is achieved by always-on cloud-based technology platforms, while this fast, simple access is further strengthened by a global support team. Visit to learn more.   Follow us: Linkedin: Twitter: @Hotelbeds Facebook: Hotelbeds Instagram: @hotelbeds_official   Hotelbeds Media Contact PR & Media Relations  -
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    Hotelbeds' blend of technology, data and passionate people serves as a catalyst for growth, enabling B2B travel players of all sizes to unlock their potential.