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    Tips for hoteliers

    May 2024


    What is wellness tourism?Wellness tourism is the type of travel aiming to maintain or improve wellbeing. According to the Global Wellness Institute, there are two types of wellness travellers: primary and secondary.  For primary wellness travellers, wellness activities are the main purpose of the trip. Secondary wellness travellers only engage in wellness activities as a part of the trip, meaning they don’t travel exclusively for the wellness experience. In 2022, the biggest national wellness tourism markets were the USA, Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland, with the USA accounting for 24% of all wellness trips. Wellness activities could be linked to what a country has to offer, such as Hungary’s thermal baths or Iceland’s lagoons. Or, travellers’ particular interests could shape the wellness experience — luxury travellers might pick spa retreats, sports enthusiasts might go for a surf camp, or culture lovers might prefer to try a traditional massage.  Considering the broad-reaching, and entirely subjective, nature of wellness as a concept, there's a wellness travel experience for every type of traveller on every continent. What are the benefits of wellness tourism for travel providers?Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6%, wellness travel is a big part of the global wellness economy. In 2022, it made up $651 billion of the $5.6 trillion wellness industry. At this growth rate, wellness tourism is expected to cross the $1 trillion mark in 2024, and the global wellness economy to reach $8.5 trillion by 2027. Travel providers can capitalise on bookings for wellness trips from both primary and secondary travellers; here are just a few reasons why wellness tourism is an important travel motivator, and certainly a travel trend to take advantage of: Wellness travel is profitable: Accounting for 18.7% of all tourism spending, wellness travellers spend more money than typical tourists. On average, in 2022, wellness travellers spent  $1,764 per international trip, and $668 per domestic trip. Wide range of travel activities: Not only is wellness tourism an integral part of the profitable wellness industry, but the wide-reaching concept of wellness itself means that travellers can - with the help of a broad range of options offered by an expansive travel portfolio - curate an experience that aligns with their preferences, needs and personal beliefs.  Choice of different destinations: It is possible to book wellness activities all around the world. The Middle East-North Africa region, in particular, has been a leading region in wellness tourism. With a 61.5% annual growth between 2020 and 2022, the average wellness traveller spends $1,354 in this region. The sheer choice of options for travellers from all walks of life means that wellness tourism is one of the more accessible forms of experiential tourism.Examples of Wellness TourismYou can find more wellness travel experiences, alongside hotels and resorts all around the world offering bespoke wellness programs and wellness products that can be tailored to each travellers' needs through our Booking Engine.  With more than 200,000 accommodation options, including Sustainable Hotels, and 16,000 experiences, our expansive travel product portfolio allows you to offer a comprehensive wellness tourism experience unique to each travellers' requirements. For now, here are some popular wellness experiences for travellers from all walks of life:Spa RetreatsIn 2022, the spa industry had over 181,000 spas, generating $105 billion in revenue. A timeless activity, spa retreats would be a good fit for primary wellness travellers. Check out 2024’s top-rated spas, such as Winvian Farm in Connecticut, listed in Condé Nast Traveller’s Reader Choice Awards for six years in a row. In Winvian, your clients can choose from 6 spa packages, which include massages, hydrotherapy, oxygen facials, yoga, and reflexology. Make sure to choose the right spa for the right type of traveller. Families can explore multi-generation spas — Zulal Wellness Resort in Qatar has a family bonding retreat, focusing on wellness activities for the whole family. For couples, consider checking out spas in romantic destinations, offering couple massages and wellness treatments. Cultural Wellness ExperiencesExperiential travel is a rising travel trend, with all types of travellers prioritising learning about the culture. Culinary travellers do this by tasting the local food, adventure travellers book trips to explore remote regions, and wellness travellers discover the different wellness traditions. Whether that’s the Aufguss sauna rituals in Central Europe and Germany or the well-known Thai massages in Thailand, many countries have accessible cultural practices that can be experienced through the lens of wellness. One of the best ways to create an accessible but authentic experience for travellers is to look for locally-owned practices, as well as hotels and resorts that provide culturally sensitive and inspired wellness programs for their guests. Not only does this allow travellers a glimpse into the, often historically-rich, culture of their destination of choice, but it also supports local economies - especially when those hotels, resorts and experiences are run by the region's citizens. For example, in Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos in Mexico, Mexican folk-healing therapies inspire the hotel’s wellness offerings, making it possible to experience mezcal-infused massages, herbal aromatherapy, energy cleansing rituals, and more.Outdoor Wellness Activities A 2019 study found that spending a minimum of 120 minutes a week is good for health and wellbeing. Whether that’s taking a walk, swimming, or going on a retreat in a remote town, your clients might be looking for outdoor wellness activities after staying inside for long work weeks. For sports enthusiasts, recommend physical activity-based events, such as yoga camps or fitness programs.  There are always interesting country-specific destinations — Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, for example, offers outdoor massages and float therapy. Similarly, Japan is the birthplace of forest bathing, a philosophy aiming to reduce stress by nature immersion. For a complete disconnection from daily life, explore silent retreats, where participants stay quiet throughout the event while engaging in activities like meditation and walks in nature. Sleep WellnessThe Hilton Trends Report named 2024 the year of Rest and Relaxation, putting sleep travel in the spotlight. To invest in sleep, Hilton uses high-quality mattresses, while equipping some of its hotels with temperature-controlled beds, sound-absorbing walls, and smart technology. Hyatt also joined the sleep travel trend, creating a Restorative Sleep Suite in New York with a special AI-powered bed. Besides hotels, experiences that improve visitors’ sleep are trending — star bathing and forest bathing are both thought to reduce stress and improve sleep quality by boosting melatonin. For where sleep meets tech, check out resorts and high-tech wellness programmes. Kamalaya Koh Samui in Thailand has a dedicated sleep wellness program, featuring traditional massages, mentoring sessions, and IV therapy.Technology in WellnessIt’s possible to find high-tech wellness programmes in medical spas, retreats, and wellness centres around the world. These programmes could be related to beauty, fitness, anti-aging, or mindfulness, helping clients reach their wellness goals.  In Spain, for example, SHA Medical Spa has The Rebalance & Energise Programme, offering ozone therapy to stimulate the immune system. While in Bali travellers can experience a truly bespoke wellness program in many of the unique resorts in this stunning location, with deep roots in the Ayurvedic wellness practice. Experiences can include holistic treatments to achieve internal balance, right through to tech-powered treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers, sleep enhancement technology, and Microbiome facials.  Like what you see?  Sign up with Hotelbeds or log in to your account to get amazing wellness deals for your clients. You’ll also get the latest offers, campaigns, and promotions from our portfolio of hotels and experiences — both for wellness travel and other travel trends. 
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    May 2024


    It seems everyone we know is busy, busy, busy, — 80% of employed Americans reported they ‘never had enough time’— and travellers are increasingly looking for the opposite.   Wellness tourism, travel that supports a person's well-being or feeling of contentment, has gained popularity in the early aughts and has steadily increased, outperforming the overall tourism industry for over a decade, according to the non-profit Global Wellness Institute. Like many tourism sectors in the COVID-19 pandemic aftermath, wellness tourism is soaring. Some 819.4 billion wellness domestic and international trips were taken in 2022, representing 7.8% of all tourism trips that year. Wellness trips are projected to rise to 8.3% by 2027. Hoteliers can capitalise on this newer, lucrative tourism by adding wellness offerings. Gen-Z, born between 1997 and 2012, are already frequent travellers and emerging as some of the most eager to travel post-pandemic. This group prioritises mental health and often looks for relaxing experiences when travelling. In this article, we deep dive into this increasing travel trend for 2024 and provide several tips to leverage it in your property beyond ‘just’ having a spa.    Why hoteliers need wellness tourism Wellness tourism is high-yield tourism, as wellness travellers spend more money than the average tourist, 75% more than the typical domestic tourist and 41% more than the typical international tourist. Hoteliers investing in wellness are almost guaranteed to get a return on their investment, as the wellness market is forecast to jump to $1.4 trillion by 2027. It's not too late to get a foothold in the wellness tourism sector. Take a giant leap forward by joining the Hotelbeds portfolio, where hoteliers can reach 66,000+ travel distributors who are searching for wellness experiences for their high-value clients.  If you're already a member, log in to the Partner Extranet to update your property info and wellness offerings, upload new photos, adjust rates, and more. Examples of wellness tourism Wellness travel extends beyond the spa and gym. It touches nearly every aspect of the traveller's trip, from healthy food and drinks to experiential experiences to the best hotel amenities that promote self-care. Hoteliers can easily incorporate some or all of these ideas:Using bedding that promotes more restful sleep, including breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, and weighted blankets. Providing turndown amenities that promote sleep like herbal teas, melatonin tablets, meditation apps, and books. Hosting live and on-demand fitness classes. Offering referrals to area gyms, boot camps, and personal training and creating walking, hiking, and biking trails on and off property. Adding organic drinks and meals made with local ingredients to your restaurant, bar, and grab-and-go menus. Offering airport transfers in vehicles that are low or zero-emission. Stocking your gift shop with organic sundries and wellness products that support healthy travel and lifestyles. Offering activities like guided meditation, stretch & release classes, and foraging with the hotel chef.  Spa wellness travelSpa travel has long been a form of luxury travel, but it's growing with travellers making it their primary or secondary focus. The global spa market was valued at $87.63 billion in 2023 and it's projected to grow to $375.54 billion by 2032.   Spa therapies can help align the body, mind, and spirit through a variety of treatments and experiences, including massage, aromatherapy, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, saunas, facials, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, and scrubs.   Enhance your property's existing spa services with soothing lighting, eco-friendly and sustainable decor, and the latest spa treatments. Properties without a spa can partner with local spas to offer in-room and pool-side treatments. Sleep tourismSleep tourism is a post-pandemic travel trend that is on the rise. Hoteliers are creating soundproof sleep suites where the main attraction is sleep. These sanctuaries include amenities like AI-powered beds that adjust to sleepers' needs, luxury bedding that promotes cool and comfortable sleep, and amenities that promote restorative sleep like deep soaking tubs, aromatherapy diffusers, blackout curtains, pillow menus, and sleep masks.  Don't sleep on this wellness travel trend, which is expected to grow by nearly 8% to more than $400 billion between 2023 and 2028. Healthy experiencesHelp travellers who already lead healthy lifestyles by offering healthy amenities. From well-stocked fitness centres to group and on-demand classes to hot tubs, steam rooms, plunge pools, and infrared saunas, there are many options for properties of all sizes.  Additional options include in-room workout kits with access to fitness apps, partnering with local businesses to offer boot camps, personal training, and group fun runs, and providing outdoor spaces for walking, relaxing, and dining.Experiential wellnessA segment of experiential travel, travel fuelled by a desire for connection through sustainable tourism that supports local communities, experiential wellness is attractive.  From private tours of local natural wonders to classes with local artisans to create candles and bath products to one-of-a-kind volunteerism experiences, experiential travel taps into a desire for bespoke experiences and lifelong learning. Solo travel wellness retreatSolo travel is exploding, particularly among female travellers. Some 76% of Millennials and Gen-Z are planning to take a solo trip this year, and 60% of all travellers are planning two or more solo trips. More than half of these trips are centred around self-love and treating oneself.  These trips offer the opportunity to focus on emotional, mental, physical and, sometimes, spiritual, well-being without the distraction of other travel companions. Leverage solo travel's popularity by creating personalised trip itineraries that include customisable meal plans, fitness regiments, and activities. Family wellness retreatIncreasingly, families are focusing on strengthening bonds through wellness retreats that promote shared adventures.  Whether enjoying activities together like ropes courses, cooking classes, and hikes or separately via kids' clubs, children's mindfulness, bubble-blowing breathwork, and soap making classes, and activities like journaling and stargazing, leverage family retreats. Yoga retreatsYoga retreats offer opportunities for first-timer yogis to advanced yoga practitioners to relax and find balance.  These retreats are often offered in tandem with meditation, sound bath, and energy healing sessions, fitness classes, workshops on wellness-related topics like nutrition and stress reduction, breathwork sessions, detox programmes, healthy cooking classes, and on-property dining options that focus on farm-to-table, organic, and/or locally-sourced artisanal meals.  Corporate wellness retreatsWith many people still working remote or hybrid, companies are prioritising corporate retreats. Some 79% of companies allocate a specific budget for getting their teams together.  Even if your property isn't part of a large conference centre, you can support corporate travel by partnering with local businesses to create team building activities, entertainment, and outdoor recreation.Don't let another minute pass without joining the wellness revolution.   Give your property a check-up by logging in to the Partner Extranet to share property photos and wellness offerings.   Haven’t joined Hotelbeds yet? Register your property today for free. You’re just a few clicks away to start benefiting from our wide range of products and services for hoteliers. 
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    May 2024


     The Rise of Music and Concert TourismMusic tourism has seen significant growth in the last few years, particularly since the pandemic where live and in-person experiences were largely impossible for many travellers around the world.  This growing trend sits in conjunction with the rise in popularity of experiential tourism (link), one of the more notable shifts in traveller behaviours within the industry. Travellers are prioritising travel governed by both immersive and cultural events, activities and experiences to enrich their trips. What used to be a niche interest is now becoming a globally impactful tourism trend for 2024 and beyond. Findings from Amadeus have shown that music tourism plays a vital role in stimulating local economies. Notable global artists such as Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Beyonce have been found to have a substantial impact on search and booking volumes for destinations featured on their tour schedules. For instance, flights to Romania saw a surge of up to 91%, while Athens experienced a 62% increase in interest. Beyonce's performance in Sweden during her Renaissance World Tour drew a massive crowd of around 90,000 to Stockholm, highlighting the power of music tourism in driving economic growth. Daniel Batchelor, Vice President, Global Corporate Marketing & Communications at Amadeus, said:  “Consumer research shows that this year travellers are on the lookout for new experiences. And what better experience can there be than sharing a music festival or concert with friends, family or like-minded fans?” What Are the Opportunities for Travel Providers?As part of our strategic focus on the growth of experiential tourism and the exploration of key travel trends for 2024, music tourism is in alignment with the behaviour of many global travellers. They are actively pursuing experiences that resonate with their beliefs and preferences, as well as immersing themselves in their chosen destination. Music tourism offers unique and memorable experiences catered to all types of travellers. In fact, Amadeus has also suggested that music tourism is one of the ‘key drivers of European tourism in 2024’, and so it stands to reason that this will continue to be a key driver of travel trends for years to come. So then, the question remains: what about the opportunities for travel providers when it comes to music travel and tourism? InsightsOur innovative recommendation tool, Insights, has been tailor-made for travel providers to enhance efficiency in your daily tasks and keep you at the forefront of travel industry trends. How? By using an internal algorithm to determine market-specific trends based on several key factors including: SeasonalityHistorical search dataReal-time customer bookingsHistorical booking data This means Insights can provide recommendations based on customer bookings in your market, offering you destinations more likely to be booked by your ideal audience.   As a unique web portal, Insights transforms complex booking data into a user-friendly interface, that allows you as the provider, full control over your recommendations. Save, Anchor or Discard your recommendations as they are served to you, for even better personalisation in the future, allowing you to even easier identify which destinations, hotels and experiences offer the most potential for your business and your profits. So, how is this relevant to travel trends, and therefore music tourism?   Well, Insights allows you to keep up with increasing demand in your market, and considering the fact that some global artists drive significant shifts in destination demand, especially for tours, Insights allows you to track real-time bookings and competitor activity. Leveraging data intelligence on these crucial factors, you can react promptly to meet the surge in demand. Sign up today to access this useful recommendation tool. Travel PackagesIt is evident that there is a significant demand for music-centric experiences among super fans and casual music lovers worldwide. There is a unique opportunity for collaboration between travel providers, event organisers, and host destinations to curate enticing and memorable experiences as these sectors intersect. In a prime demonstration of this intersectional collaboration, the organisers of Tomorrowland, a prominent European music festival located on the outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium, are providing international music enthusiasts the opportunity to reserve travel packages that include the chance to explore Belgium before immersing themselves in performances by top DJs from around the globe. Consider how you as a travel provider might be able to curate enticing packages that could boost your sales. Here are some key considerations, though, for capitalising on music events and experiences as extra revenue: Identify music travel experiences which align with our ideal market or customer. Sometimes, smaller and more ‘obscure’ events offer more opportunities than events on a grander scale.  Keep your packages concise and focused, to avoid confusing travellers.Ensure that travellers have the flexbility to amend the travel dates to either arrive before, or stay on after the event or experience you’re curating their trip around.Navigate package prices carefully, as after all, the lead price is what gets you traffic and keeps people moving through the booking process. And of course when curating packages, a travel booking platform with integrated cross-selling and upselling functionalities can greatly simplify the process and provide a comprehensive booking experience. You can easily find, and book, our vast portfolio of products and services, with easy access to exclusive and differentiated properties, offers, and rate types; but also experiences and mobility services such as tickets, car hire and transfers. Our Booking Engine allows you to: Build itineraries for each customer whether they’re simple or complex.Offer add-ons at the time of booking (and after) to offer truly end-to-end travel plans.Provide flexible payment options to cater to a range of budgets.Choose from over 200,000 hotels and 16,000 experiences to build out the perfect, enriched trip no matter each clients’ preferences. Sign up today to start maximising every booking with this comprehensive travel booking platform. What are the Key Drivers of Music Tourism?Music festivals - these are undeniably one of the most influential factors in the realm of music tourism. Some of these festivals attract millions of visitors, profoundly affecting the local economy and the worldwide demand for travel services to, from, and within these locations. Social Media Travel Marketing - The digital age has significantly impacted the accessibility and expansion of music tourism. Shared experiences are now easily accessible on user feeds and explore pages, while recommended videos delivered through algorithms can influence travel choices. Additionally, user-generated content like uploaded sets and performances on platforms such as YouTube have been available for a long time.  Unique Experiential Tourism - The cornerstone of music tourism hinges on its distinctive quality; the ambience produced and felt at festivals or concerts, a sensation often unattainable through virtual or digital means. This unique element draws in travelers seeking authentic and unforgettable experiences during their journeys, and lends itself well as a lens through which experiential tourism, a key trend in the last few years, can be explored for travellers with different preferences and interests. Personalisation Opportunities for Travel Sellers - There is a music and arts festival for every traveller preference, allowing for a greater degree of personalisation when it comes to travellers' perfect musical itinerary.   The Emotional Synergy Between Music and Travel - The connection between music and travel is deeply rooted in the emotional and evocative nature of both experiences. It is no surprise that they are often intertwined, as music has the ability to elevate the overall travel experience, creating a unique and impactful form of tourism. For travelers, whether they are heading to a local venue to catch a small band, embarking on a long journey to see their favorite artist in a stadium tour, or planning a trip to a festival to join thousands of fellow music enthusiasts, there is a music event out there that will surely get them in the groove. And with music festivals as one of the main drivers of this type of travel, let’s look at just a handful of some of the different festivals out there, each of which draws its own type of traveller and experience-seeker. Inspiration: A Selection of Popular Music Festivals and EventsHere are a handful of recommendations worth traveling for!EuropeHailed for its romantic cities and diverse cultures, Europe also plays host to some of the world’s most famous music festivals!  For community-seekers – Glastonbury, UK; 2000 Trees, UK; Sziget, Budapest.For hard rockers – Download Festival, UK; Rock Im Park & Rock Am Ring, Germany.For world music – WOMAD, UK; Sziget, Budapest; Primavera Sound, Barcelona.For arts and culture - The Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland draws thousands of visitors, as one of the most popular arts and culture festivals in the world.For the biggest crowds – Tomorrowland, Belgium; Sonar, Barcelona; Lollapalooza, multiple cities.North America & CanadaIt is widely known that events such as Coachella in California and Lollapalooza in Chicago (and now globally) are among the many annual festivals held in the United States that have had a significant impact on the festival industry. While these are highly acclaimed international events, there are numerous other festivals throughout the country that cater to a wide range of musical tastes.For Blues & Jazz,- Since 1984, the Chicago Blues Festival has been the world's largest free blues festival; New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, which spans 7 days!For Hip-hop, R&B – Friends and Lovers, Las Vegas; Rolling Loud, Miami; Something In The Water, VA.For Indigenous Culture – the Indigenous Music and Arts festival at Ganondagan; Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival in Ottawa.For the classics, world music -Festival d'été de Québec, VELD Music Festival, Canada.For relaxation - Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Tennesee.Central and South AmericaFor celebrations of Latin music - Baja Beach Fest, Mexico; PAAX GNP Festival. Mexico, for classical musicians, ballet, opera, and dance performers.For a party - Empire Music Festival, Guetamala; Time Warp Festival, Brazil; Baum Festival, Columbia; Primavera Sound Festival Buenos Aires, Argentina. Asia Pacific  What could be better than providing year-round music opportunities? While the current season aligns with the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, there are numerous must-see music festivals in Asia Pacific destinations that shouldn't be overlooked by travelLers.Australia  For Australia’s biggest – Vivid Sydney; Splendour In The Grass.For community - Rainbow Spirit Festival; Byron Bay Blues Fest; Lost Paradise Festival.For a travelling festival – Laneway Festival (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney).For First Nations culture – Parrtjima - A Festival in Light; Barunga Festival; Desert Mob.South KoreaWhile C-pop and J-pop have been making waves in western media for decades, the more recent skyrocketing popularity of K-pop is making South Korea turn musical heads no matter the continent!  For world-class stage productions – Seoul, for a K-pop performance! The city hosts many solo and group performances from the industry's best acts.For immersive experiences – SMTown Live, with performances from world-renowned groups. The 2024 event went overseas to Tokyo!For showcase events – KCON; Weverse Con Festival; Seoul World DJ Festival, and Seoul Jazz Festival, which offers three days of performances from acclaimed artists to local indie acts.JapanFor international rock and electronic – Fuji Rock Festival (Japan’s biggest), Summer Sonic, Ultra Japan.For showcase events - MBC Music Core in Japan; KCON Japan.For a good cause – Greenroom Festival, based on the ethos of ‘Save The Beach, Save The Ocean’For tradition – Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto; Hakata Dontaku Matsuri; Kyoto Gion Matsuri for incredible parades, traditional music and festivities that can last a whole month!  South AsiaFor awe-inspiring crowds – Sunburn Festival, Goa – Asia’s largest music festival, which attracts around 1 million music-lovers.For international and eclectic line ups – Creamfields, Taiwain; S2O Songkran Music Festival, Thailand; We The Fest, Indonesia; Clockenflap, Hong Kong.For a ship-shape festival - It’s The Ship, Asia’s largest festival at sea which makes its way from Busan through Nagasaki Japan and back to Busan.For unforgettable locations - Great Wall Festival, China. Techno on the Great Wall, it’s not to be missed!   While this list is not comprehensive, it should give you a good understanding of the value of music tourism and how you can start taking advantage of this trend if you haven't already. For timesaving, valuable tools and services that will maximise the way you work, why not sign up to become one of our valuable clients? Gain access to intuitive tools like Insights, which helps you track and keep ahead of travel trends, as well as our powerful travel booking platform the Booking Engine. 
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