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    Large Chain

    Large Chains

    Maximise occupancy, revenue & exposure like never before

    Get ready for MORE

    more reach

    More reach

    Easy access to the world’s largest B2B travel network

    more transparency

    More transparency

    Tech and data provide distribution insights and control

    more solutions

    More solutions

    Cutting-edge technologies designed to maximise efficiency

    more exposure

    More exposure

    People and platforms working for you every day to increase visibility and relevance

    more value

    More value

    Consolidate and receive higher value and increased sales


    travel distributors


    source markets worldwide

    50 million

    room nights sold annually

    55 days

    average lead time

    Your rates in safe hands

    Proactively leading the market when it comes to distribution management

    more value

    Our highest volumes are via high-value segments

    75% of distribution via high-value, opaque channels: airlines, tour operators and travel agencies.

    team specialist

    Team of full-time specialists dedicated to rate integrity

    300% investment in auditors dedicated to diagnosing rate issues and implementing fast, remedial actions to prevent re-occurrence.

    constant invest

    Constant investment in new technology

    New, rules-based technology automatically manages all distribution rules and reduces human error.

    client credentials

    All client credentials individually segmented

    11 distribution credential types, constantly reviewed to ensure your rates are correctly managed.

    rate issue

    Rate issues proactively detected, and action taken

    We have partnered with an industry leader to proactively monitor the market and detect rate issues, ensuring that measures are taken to guarantee compliance with your distribution strategy.

    constant reaction

    Constant reaction to issues by using our 3-strike policy

    When any travel distributors fail to adhere to your rate distribution strategy, our strict 3-strike policy will disconnect them.

    max performance

    A focus on maximising the performance of your new hotels

    Data insights at the core of what we do: Focused efforts with our sales teams. Prioritised marketing actions. New Hotels package. Prioritised ranking in our Booking Engine. New hotels available to book 90 days in advance of opening. Data and training to ensure distribution optimisation.
    working capital

    A cash collection policy allowing flexibility to maximise trading for all lead times

    We fund the working capital requirements of our customers. We take controlled internal risk on your behalf. Allows long lead times without impacting our customers’ cash flow. Robust and flexible credit and cash collection approach.
    hotel extranet

    Partner Extranet: Manage your property 100% online

    Manage your rates and availability. Upload and update your hotel content. Manage your bookings. View reports. See finance information. Find main points of contact.

    Increase your visibility and relevance in the market

    data and insights

    Data & Insights

    Your properties seen by the right people, at the right time. BI Empowered is one of the most powerful tools to help distributors to market your hotel to their customers with speed and ease.

    api suite


    Increase conversion with API clients: solid, reliable and easy to integrate. Our technical solutions team performs individual analysis to identify your unique areas of optimisation.

    marketing suite

    Marketing Suite

    Power-up your digital presence. A valuable suite of marketing products designed to increase your visibility and relevance in the high-value B2B marketplace

    our team

    Our team

    Over 1000 experts focused 100% on your performance. Understand specific client and supplier needs, with up-to-date corridor insights and support to help you grow.

    A win-win partnership

    eliminate complex

    Eliminate complexity and inefficiencies

    ambitious growth

    Ambitious and sustainable year-on-year growth

    transparent data

    Access to transparent data on the BI tool

    dedicated support

    Dedicated, end-to-end operational support

    preferential sales

    Preferential sales support, involvement and promotion

    finance to finance

    A finance-to-finance relationship

    preferential marketing

    Preferential marketing, strategies & the Vault tool

    reduce costs

    Reduced distribution costs