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    2 February 2023

    eBook. How Bedbanks provide incremental growth

    Cover of the guide understanding hotel distribution

    The hotel distribution landscape is complex and continually changing. With new technology, competition stiffening and the needs of guests evolving, getting the right distribution mix is more important than ever. However, many hoteliers struggle to understand the intricacies of all the options available to them.

    What’s inside:

    The distribution landscape

    Starting with the basics, learn precisely what is a distribution channel, and how the internet and online distribution has blurred the lines between offline and online. Get an introduction to yield management and its importance in maximising profit. 

     Understanding Hotel Distribution in 2020- A guide to how Bedbanks provide incremental growth

    The different channels available to you

    From your direct channel to OTA’s (online travel agents) to B2B bedbanks, get an in-depth look at each hotel distribution channel. Learn all the advantages and disadvantages of working with them, how to successfully optimise each channel, and the considerations you need to take when working out the perfect distribution strategy.

    The B2B distribution landscape

    The B2B hotel distribution landscape is vast and wide, with many options available to hoteliers. Discover the leading players of each channel, and how bedbanks are the bridge between you and international guests from segments such as airlines and points plans that are unreachable through other channels.

    Hotel distribution challenges

    Get insights into the distribution challenges facing hoteliers and how Hotelbeds is leading the way with new technology, processes and analytical capabilities to ensure alignment to our hotel partners’ rate strategies. You also get our top tips and predictions for hospitality trends for the next 12 months to help you stay ahead of the curve.


    To learn how you can maximise occupancy and RevPAR, download your copy of our eBook now.

    Cover of the guide understanding hotel distribution


    With this comprehensive free guide, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the different selling options for your rooms.

    Our 'Understanding Hotel Distribution' guide provides a useful overview of:

    • What distribution channels are, and the differences between online and offline distribution
    • The main channels for hotels
    • The key benefits of B2B distribution via Bedbanks
    • How to start creating your distribution strategy