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    15 December 2023

    2024's Best Hotel Amenities Based on Traveller Types

    best hotel amenities

    The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and hotel amenities are no exception. Every year, new trends and guest preferences emerge, and hoteliers will need to consider them in order to deliver an exceptional experience. 

    In 2024, some hotel amenity trends are expected to come up and others to consolidate. With these premiums or extras, you’ll provide a memorable experience and your guests will be more likely to leave positive feedback about their stay.

    Since there are unlimited types of amenities to share in your property, it’s essential to determine which ones will better cater to the needs of your guests. Their form will depend on what demographics you target, what your guests are asking for, your budget, your brand, and the competition within the local market. 

    In this article, we propose a comprehensive hotel amenities list with the best ideas depending on the type of traveller you aim to reach. Keep reading!

    What Are the Best Amenities for Your Property? 

    Before delving into the best hotel amenities, you should invest some time in defining which are the right hotel amenities for your type of property and the target you aim at. 

    The first step is to ask yourself what best defines your hotel and which guests you want to attract. List out the defining qualities of your property and make sure your amenities align with them. Is your property renowned for being convenient for business travellers, family-friendly, or a unique tourist attraction? Consider all these traits when defining your amenities. 

    In addition, don’t forget to give guests plenty of information about your amenities beforehand so they know what they’re paying for. Provide guests with great photographs of amenities, facilities and each room type, as well as an explanation of their features. It's more likely that guests will pay for extra amenities if you provide them with more information, since they can better understand the benefits.

    Once you have this in mind, it’s time to go through our proposals for the best hotel amenities in 2024. You’ll find ideas that will suit different types of travellers and hotel budgets. Let’s see what you can’t miss out this year to create the most unforgettable experience for your guests!

    Best Hotel VIP Amenities for Luxury Travellers

    When it comes to catering to this luxury segment, the main thing to consider is that these guests will expect your staff to attend to every need. There are many luxury amenities that hotels may offer, but here are a few that will set them apart from the rest.

    • Personalise welcome baskets or gifts in their rooms based on the information you know about your guests (e.g. where they’re from, who they’re coming with, etc).

    • Another good idea for your welcome kits is to leverage local products and flavours to provide a wonderful first impression, such as local chocolates, wines, fruits, soaps, or lotions. 

    • Offer a pillow menu, allowing guests to choose the best pillow depending on their preferences.

    • Provide room purification to ensure guests with allergies feel comfortable.

    • Replace the mini-bar with a cocktail bar. Matcha kits are also very trendy these days, so you can offer them.

    • Conduct workshops about different topics, such as how to cook a special or local dish in the hotel’s restaurant, learn how to create floral arrangements such as the ones in your lobby, or create a guided tour in case you are located in a historic building. 

    • Put a tablet in every room for room service to make it as easy as possible for guests to make requests.

    • Organise private or VIP shopping experiences with local vendors. 

    • Offer a remote control to manage all the room functions such as bed height, lights, heating, etc.

    Main Sustainable Hotel Amenities for A Conscious Traveller

    One of the major trends that is expected to continue to grow in 2024 is sustainability. Increasingly, guests are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly accommodation options, and this extends to hotel amenities. Conscious travellers in 2024 will seek out amenities such as:

    • Offer bulk bathroom amenity dispensers. Consider providing shampoo and gel packaged in wall-mounted refillable dispensers, or even only on demand. You can even choose solid solutions like shampoo and conditioner bars that can eliminate the need for plastic bottles altogether.

    • Eliminate plastic bottles and offer glass or metal ones instead, which have to be refilled by the staff. If possible, consider installing water bottle filling stations for guests to use.

    • Offer biodegradable rubbish bags that are more environmentally friendly alternatives. Make sure that they’re truly biodegradable.

    • Include local and seasonal products in the hotel's restaurant. 

    • Provide free or low-cost bikes to promote eco-friendly transportation.

    • Provide recyclable paper for wrapping bathroom amenities, reusable bathroom cups, reusable fabric laundry bags, and paper containers for takeaways, among others. 

    Interested in how sustainable principles can be applied to your property? Make sure to check out our comprehensive article on practical tips to become a sustainable hotel

    Best Hotel Amenities for Business Travellers and Remote Workers

    The corporate segment is incredibly lucrative, and you may be very interested in attracting this type of traveller to your hotel. 

    Also, related to this, the trend of remote working is still on the rise, so having hotel amenities especially focused on workers can be a great attraction for your hotel. 

    Some of the extras you should consider including in your offering in 2024 are the following:

    • Comfortable desks and lighting in the room.

    • Workspaces available throughout the hotel, including at least one meeting room.

    • High speed Wi-Fi, power outlets and USB ports. 

    • Free parking, free airport shuttle and transport services.

    • Early check-in and flexible departure times.

    • Express laundry services and available steam irons.

    • If you want to attract international guests, consider providing universal sockets.

    • The possibility to make free local and international calls.

    Unmissable Hotel Amenities for Families on Holiday in 2024

    What will make families' stays exponentially better in 2024? Here are some fantastic ideas to ensure an unforgettable experience both for adults and children.

    • Consider offering connecting rooms, and include baby cradles.

    • Provide pet-friendly facilities. Families are increasingly taking their pets with them on holiday, and more hotels are offering pet-friendly rooms. Because of this, this segment will really appreciate if your property caters to pets. Consider placing dog water stations on your property, offering dog beds, etc. Some high-end hotels, such as Hilton, offer dog menus.

    • Offer free bike rental, pool or snow toys, stashes of puzzles or games. Also, playgrounds and games rooms for children will be highly appreciated. 

    • Include entertainment shows, such as clowns, theatre, and live concerts. And even streaming services for kids.

    Main Hotel Amenities for Wellness Travellers

    Another strong trend in the hospitality industry is, without a doubt, wellness travel. When looking for a relaxing getaway, amenities are very important, since they contribute directly to the overall experience of guests.

    If you’re looking to cater to this segment of wellness travellers in the most excellent way possible, make sure to consider the following hotel amenities for wellness:

    • A spa is a must-have for hotels aiming to attract this type of traveller. The spa should include several pools, jacuzzi, saunas, among others. You can also offer free swimwear or at a reduced price. 

    • Offer special packages including massages and other health treatments. If you don’t have the staff to provide this service in-house, consider establishing partnerships with local companies or freelancers.

    • Sound proofing measures, so any outside noise is eliminated.

    • Also, make sure to provide some of the best hotel bath amenities as welcome gifts, including items such as essential oils, body lotions and organic shampoos.

    • Nail art has become a major trend in recent years, and it will continue to grow in 2024. You may want to hire a nail technician to provide this much-requested service in your property as part of your wellness team.

    • Partner with a health and wellness platform to create on-demand workouts and guided meditation to in-room televisions.

    2024 is set to be a fantastic year for travel. By knowing the best hotel amenities for your guests, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. We hope you now have more ideas that will help you offer an unforgettable stay in your property. 

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