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    22 February 2024

    Hotelbeds Partner Extranet: Discover Its Main Benefits for Hoteliers

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    It's our goal to help you better understand the benefits that our powerful extranet can have for your property.

    That's why, throughout this article, we'll take you through the main features (and advantages) of our renowned tool, as well as how it integrates with partners like channel managers. 

    Additionally, we offer access to our recently created Help Centre, where you'll find everything you need to know to leverage your experience with the Partner Extranet. 

    Interested in finding out what it has to offer? Read on! 

    What’s the Partner Extranet?

    Once you join Hotelbeds, your journey to boost bookings and maximise revenue will begin. This means you’ll gain access to a wide range of tools that will make your daily tasks easier. 

    One of the first platforms you’ll be able to leverage from the beginning will be the Partner Extranet, formerly known as MaxiRoom.

    The Partner Extranet is a free platform designed to simplify property management. Every hotel with a contract with Hotelbeds has access to our all-in-one tool. As soon as you receive your Hotelbeds login credentials, you'll be able to log in for the first time and explore its interface. 

    Want to start your onboarding process with us and get access to it? Register your property now

    How Can Our Partner Extranet Help You?

    Our extranet has been specifically designed to help hoteliers like you with daily operations and booking management. This is why we offer a variety of features to assist you:

    • Update your hotel profile easily at any time. You’ll be able to include a wide range of facilities, entertainment options, meals and other services; upload at least 12 pictures showing your property (be sure choose the best photo as the lead image); and add engaging descriptions about your property’s unique selling points. 

    • Manage your inventory, rates, availability and prices, and set up different types of offers, such as last-minute bookings, early bookings and long stays, among others. 

    • Manage your bookings independently and make any changes you need. You'll be able to view bookings with check-out dates up to one year in the past.

    • Easily monitor your connectivity with your channel manager, as well as manage its registration, cancellation or modification. 

    • Check out today's arrivals, bookings, and cancellations, as well as competitor comparisons.

    • See financial information and payment methods such as Virtual Credit Card (VCC) or Wire Transfers, and edit as necessary.

    • Contact us via the webform located in the menu. With our webform, you can identify the category you need help with in just a few clicks.

    • Take advantage of three promotions each month, only available on the Partner Extranet's platform. The promotions are designed according to customer behaviour and needs, taking into account a variety of variables, like popular dates in the main markets, and offers that perform well at different times of the year (such as early bookings and long-stays). All Partner Extranet members are eligible for these monthly promotions, which will be announced within 15 days of each month's offering.

    • All the information can be viewed in 15 different languages, such as Spanish, German, Thai, Japanese and Chinese.

    How Does Our Partner Extranet Complement a Channel Manager? 

    Are you currently using a channel manager, or are you interested in incorporating one into your distribution operations? A channel manager is a key partner to streamline your daily work and increase revenue. At times, it can be difficult to understand how an extranet and a channel manager can work together. However, which may seem complex at first glance, is much simpler in reality.

    Our Partner Extranet is a complementary tool to the channel manager. In some cases, channel managers lack the capabilities to automate some processes when integrating with Hotelbeds. Our Partner Extranet can help to simplify the process.

    To map with the channel manager, a hotel that can't create new contracts through the channel manager platform must modify the rates in the Partner Extranet. The extranet must be used to add new rooms if they are unable to do so with the channel manager. 
    As for as hotel content (such as descriptions, images and facilities), all hoteliers must enter this information via the Partner Extranet.  

    As mentioned above, there’s a section on the Partner Extranet where you’ll be able to consult all your connectivity data, and manage channel managers' cancellation, registration, among others. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about how channel managers and Hotelbeds work together, check out our article on hotel channel managers.


    Frequently Asked Questions About the Hotelbeds Extranet

    Since we want you to be able to work independently and confidently with our tool from the get-go, we’ve put together several articles, how-to videos and useful information exclusively designed for extranet users. This way, we’ll accompany you on your journey to explore and discover all that the Partner Extranet has to offer. 

    Throughout the years, we’ve detected the main doubts regarding our platform, and have responded to these frequently asked questions in our Help Centre. There, you’ll find the solutions to queries such as:

    • How to update your availability and rate plans, how to create a new plan, how to add rooms to your rate plans, and so forth.

    • How to get your content and images ready to attract guests.

    • How to manage your bookings, including providing the Hotel Confirmation Number (HCN), and searching for a booking.

    • How to charge your VCC or financial info, how to invoice your bookings, how to update your bank details, among others.

    • Discover video tutorials tackling relevant topics for your day-to-day operations.

    These are just a few of the topics covered in our resources hub. This space will be constantly updated, so you'll always have access to the most updated information and help. Visit our Help Centre now and get answers to your most frequently asked questions!

    Finally, the Partner Extranet is just one of the fantastic advantages you’ll enjoy when joining Hotelbeds. Put your property on the radar of 66,000+ travel distributors worldwide, and increase high-value bookings. Register your property now and start your onboarding process with us. 

    And if you’re already part of Hotelbeds, log into your Partner Extranet profile and make the most of it. Don’t forget to visit our Help Centre and/or contact us if you need assistance!

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