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    5 January 2024

    Key 2024 Events Calendar For Travel Providers



    The what and where in the world of 2024 travel.


    The travel industry is fast-paced, with consumer trends that fluctuate with many external factors; but also, sometimes it's just hard for your clients to pin down where exactly they want to go. So to help you navigate the next twelve months, and to help you exceed your clients’ expectations, we’ve compiled a list of key dates and events from around the world that are key to remember. 


    Bookmark this page and be sure to revisit any time your clients want to book an unforgettable, eventful escape! 


    For exclusive access to thousands of hotels, experiences, activities and global transfer coverage, sign up today to take your 2024 bookings to a new level.


    For exclusive access to thousands of hotels, experiences, activities and global transfer coverage, log in to your account today to take your 2024 bookings to a new level.


    So, here are some key 2024 travel event dates we think you should keep in mind... 



    Cultural Events: New Year’s Day, Global – January 1st 

    2024 has already begun, but that doesn’t mean that you should disregard the power of the New Year – it’s possible that your clients are still basking in the afterglow of fireworks, champagne and the sense of celebration that marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.  


    With a reported 79% of travellers planning to book at least two leisure trips this year, now is the perfect time to capitalise on those new year’s resolutions to ‘travel more’ – check out our guide to the top travel trends for 2024 to see where your clients are looking to head next, and which motivations will take them even further around the world in 2024. 


    Sporting Events: Winter X Games, USA – January 26th - 28th  

    Starting on January 26th and ending on the 28th, the Winter X Games are a quick-fire celebration of all things extreme when it comes to sports! Think of some of the world’s very best athletes coming together to go head-to-head in a multitude of extreme sports sure to test their skill, stamina and competitive spirit.  


    And while, as with many sporting events, there are significant benefits to these occasions on everything from the local economies to community morale, the main benefit for travel sellers is the surge in demand for travel products and services! So, these are key opportunities to boost your bookings. 



    Sporting Events: Rugby Six Nations, Europe – February 2nd - March 16th  

    The 2024 Six Nations Championship will be the 130th of its kind and is set to be an exciting and incentivizing event as ever! Extending from February to March 2024 and encompassing the men’s national teams from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales, the Six Nations will draw massive crowds with the promise of epic matches and talented teams going toe-to-toe!  


    As for the tournament’s impact, during the 2019 tournament each Six Nations match brought in around £52 million for the host country’s economy. Not only this, but the influx of visitors creates a surge in demand for hotels, restaurants, bars, and other local businesses. Sporting events continue to be a huge draw for travellers, so it’s high time to make the most of this. 


    Cultural Events: Chinese New Year, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia - February 10th  

    A prime example of key events which don’t always fall at the same time each year, the start of Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) is typically dictated by the second new moon after the winter solstice. This year, the event falls on February 10th. 2024 is the year of the Dragon! 


    Of course, Chinese New Year isn’t just celebrated in China; as one of the most significant holidays in Chinese culture, these celebrations take place worldwide, and especially in regions and countries with significant overseas Chinese populations including Singapore, Malaysia and even Australia. New Year festivities offer an experience to remember for any locals and travellers alike who come together to celebrate this occasion.


    There are plenty of local traditions to enjoy, from the telling of fortunes to a sky full of fireworks, and festive fare such as golden spring rolls to symbolise wealth and prosperity, traditional two-foot-long noodles called Changshou mian, to represent the hope for a long and healthy life; oysters, whole fish and more! This is an unmissable occasion for those with Chinese heritage or those with an appreciation for the culture. 

    Sporting Events: Super Bowl, USA – February 11th 

    With an estimated 450,000 people set to be in attendance for the Super Bowl (held this year in Las Vegas), this annual spectacle is also an unmissable opportunity for travel sellers. Not only this, but the ever-popular Super Bowl half-time performance is none other than Usher, which is a huge draw for music enthusiasts and Super Bowl fans alike! Especially given the increasing popularity of concert tourism. 


    Allegiant Stadium, where the game will be held, is located just west of the south Strip. For the Super Bowl a whole host of fan events, concerts, and hospitality events are set to take place in each of the casinos here and moving north up the Strip.  

    Why not explore our article on how to capitalise on sporting events as a travel provider  for even more unmissable events happening in 2024! 


    Cultural Events: Valentine’s Day, Global – February 14th  

    As one of the most widely celebrated days of love, Valentine’s Day takes on different meanings around the world and is an incredible opportunity for travel sellers to make the most of this increased demand for romantic getaways. 


    Of course, there are a few destinations that immediately spring to mind when Valentine’s Day is mentioned, and experiences that all travellers looking for something a little special could be enticed into booking.  


    Whether it's a lantern-lit boat ride in Hoi An’s canals, an evening in awe over the Northern Lights in Finland, an Italian romance minus the crowds in the Dolomites, or even a cherry-blossom filled stay in Okinawa, where Japan’s iconic blooms begin to decorate the scenery from February. 


    Log in to your account today to start booking your clients' perfect romantic getaway!  


    Top tip: South Korea took the idea of Valentine’s Day and really ran with it, celebrating the 14th of each month with a different kind of love or friendship-themed holiday! So for any clients looking to escape the crowds on Valentine’s Day but still celebrate, there’s plenty of opportunity here... 



    Cultural Events: Ramadan, Global Muslim observation – March 11th 

    Although the month-long religious observance of Ramadan may not seem like an obvious opportunity for travel marketing (this is a time where Muslims abstain from food, drink and other physical pleasures during daylight hours), there is still some potential for bookings to be made. Eid-ul-Fitr also marks the end of Ramadan, falling this year on April 9th, and across the three-day festivities, it’s likely that members of the Muslim community will be on the move as they seek to be with their families.  


    Prepare any offers that you might have well in advance and market them well, as flights and hotels are sure to book out! 


    Cultural Events: St Patrick’s Day, Ireland – March 17th  

    A public holiday in the North and Republic of Ireland, St Patrick’s day is a celebration certain to charm its attendees – including the estimated 100,000 visitors who descend on Dublin for the occasion each year. From festivals and parades to an uptick in cultural tours (and, undoubtedly, visits to the pub!), this jovial event is a beloved part of Irish culture and is a fantastic opportunity for hosting cities or villages to demonstrate their famous Irish hospitality. 


    Despite being an Irish event, St Patrick’s Day is also celebrated in a big way over in the United States: according to a 2023 survey, an estimated 61% of US respondents said they intended to celebrate – with many communities marking the occasion with gatherings, parades, and even by dyeing Chicago River a shade of Kelly green. 


    Cultural Events: Holi, Global Hindu observation – March 25th  

    The Hindu ‘festival of colors’ is a unique cultural experience with undeniable allure: while Holi is rooted in ancient, meaningful traditions and beliefs (it is said to be a celebration of the victory of good over evil), it is also a fun and festive event. Host countries such as India and Nepal burst into life around the beginning of March as colored powder and water is thrown between attendees in a joyful and lively atmosphere. Marking the beginning of Spring, Holi is also an opportunity for those of the Hindu faith (or respectful observers) to let go of any long-held grudges, instead choosing to forgive, forget, and indulge in food such as dahi vada and ladoos. 




    Cultural Events: Sakura season, Japan – late March/early April - May 


    With Japan rocketing to the top of many global travel lists in the last couple of years, pronounced one of the best places to visit worldwide by the likes of National Geographic and Lonely Planet, the Land of the Rising Sun is sure to benefit from an influx of bookings in 2024, especially around Hana Matsuri. Otherwise referred to as ‘cherry blossom season’, Hana Matsuri celebrates the birth of the Buddha, his enlightenment and his death; this transience is also reflected by the Sakura's own fleeting presence. 


    Cities like Kyoto, Himeji and Tokyo are top choices for tourists wishing to view cherry blossoms, although other locations from Kawaguchiko to Kushiro are equally as gorgeous, and offer cheaper, off-the-beaten-path experiences for those looking to save a little money or to battle fewer crowds. 


    Top tip: keep an eye on the Japanese Weather Association for a forecast of when and where blossoms will bloom, as sakura season actually runs all the way from March until May! 


    However, Japan is not the only place to see the world-famous cherry blossoms! Take a look at our article on some of the best places to see cherry blossoms around the world that aren’t Japan – including South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Paris, Vancouver, Auckland and more! 


    Cultural Events: Songkran, Thailand – April 13th – 15th  

    Thailand is endlessly popular with tourists from around the world, and it’s easy to see why: the ‘land of smiles’ is blessed with natural beauty ripe for exploration; additionally, the country has introduced the world to a myriad of amazing things, ranging from delicious cuisine to Muay Thai, the popular (and sometimes brutal) national sport. But it’s Thailand’s culture which most captures the imagination – just look at the dazzling Grand Palace in Bangkok. 


    Commercial Events: Golden Week, Japan – April 29th – May 5th  

    Golden Week is a term which refers to consecutive holidays in its host country: for example, in China, the occasion may fall in January, February, September or October. However, over in Japan, Golden Week takes place across numerous fixed dates, beginning with Showa Day on April 29th, which marks the birthday of former Emperor Showa. However, due to the close succession of other public holidays (Constitution Memorial Day; Greenery Day; Children’s Day), the whole period – and indeed, the days either side – is considered to be an opportune time for Japanese travellers to be on the move. 



    Cultural Events: Cinco de Mayo, Mexico, US – May 5th  

    Cinco de Mayo is a day of Mexican pride and heritage and is steeped in history, as a celebration which commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French empire on May 5th 1862. Many communities celebrate this event on a grand scale, with parades, battle re-enactments, mariachi music, traditional foods, piñatas pinatas and fireworks to mark the celebration.  


    Cinco de Mayo is one of the most popular times for travellers to Mexico, to witness the heart of this occasion at its most traditional – so be prepared to promote activities and hotels in Mexico, as well as popular US destinations that celebrate to the fullest such as Los Angeles, San Antonio, Denver, New York City, Chicago, Albuquerque, San Francisco and San Diego! 

    Cultural Events: Spring Break, US – March - April  

    Widely celebrated in the United States, Spring Break is one of the most popular times for US-based travellers to pack their bags and head out in search of memorable experiences. 


    During 2023, studies by AAA Travel suggested that interest and intent to travel during this period was up 30% compared to the same period in 2022, so it makes sense to anticipate that for many Americans, Spring Break 2024 will be just as popular. High-demand destinations in 2023 included the expected warm weather and beach destinations such as Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean and more, but last year’s travellers were more comfortable and eager to travel internationally with popular cities like Paris and Tokyo seeing increased demand. Be sure to capture this opportunity early, as many travellers are increasingly booking in advance and this high travel intent period will sell fast! 



    Music Tourism Events: Festival Season, Global – June - August 

    June is the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and with hotter weather comes the desire to spend as much time outdoors as possible! One way of making the most of warmer climes is to attend a music festival, and with world-renowned events such as Primavera Sound (Barcelona), Glastonbury (Somerset) and Rock am Ring (Nürburgring) attracting fans from around the globe, this is a fantastic opportunity for travel providers to present themselves as the go-to for travel arrangements. 


    Similarly, attendees travelling from outside of the festival’s host country will likely want to make the most of their time, so consider recommending hotels and upselling activities via our Booking Engine. 


    Sporting Events: Euro 2024, Germany – June 14th - July 14th  

    The UEFA European Football Championship, commonly known as UEFA Euro 2024 or Euro 2024, is a quadrennial international football tournament organised by UEFA for the men’s national teams of its member associations!  


    As one of the biggest football tournaments in the sporting calendar, Euro 2024 is set to be a key event for sporting tourism, and travellers who have secured any number of the 2.7 million tickets available, 80% of which were solely for fans of the participating teams, and the general public. So that’s a potential 2.1 million enthusiasts descending upon Germany, domestic or international travellers alike!  


    As well as Berlin, other host destinations include Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. 


    Industry Events: World Environment Day, Global – June 5th 

    World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972, to keep important issues impacting our planet and people, and while it’s not a specific reason to travel, the discourse surrounding sustainable and eco-friendly travel is broader and louder than ever before, especially within valuable audience segments such as Millennials and Gen Z. 


    Around 82% of Millennial and Gen Z travellers are choosing to travel more sustainably, and World Environment Day encourages people to make conscious choices that benefit the planet. Therefore, this is an important date to consider how you’re accommodating sustainability, and to advocate for this to your prospective customers to secure those bookings! 



    Cultural Events: Independence Day, US – July 5th  

    A celebration of the United States' separation from Great Britain, this federal holiday can only be described as the all-American event: from family reunions to fireworks, parades, political speeches and even sporting events, this is the day where residents of USA go big.  


    What’s more, 2023 saw record-breaking numbers of Americans (50.7 million) travelling 50 miles or more from home during the Fourth of July holiday travel period; flight travel was also up 11% from 2022, and car travel up 2%, with around 43 million people driving to their destinations.  


    So, combine this with the general intent to travel more, it seems likely that the number of people traveling for Independence Day 2024 will be higher yet again, so be sure to position your services correctly to secure the sale!  


    From airline tickets to car rentals, accommodation and more, this is a fantastic opportunity for travel sellers to lock in bookings from domestic travellers, or even those flying in from elsewhere to sample a taste of the American dream. 


    Sporting Events: Summer Olympics, France – July 26th - August 11th  

    Garnering the interest and excitement of millions of people all around the globe, the Olympic Games offers a prime opportunity to draw upon the cultural significance of this event and double down on the electric atmosphere they bring not only to the host destination, but to viewers all over the world.  


    Spanning nearly a month, the 2024 Olympic games are set to be bigger and better than ever before! With a total of 15 Olympic and 11 Paralympic venues within the city of Paris itself, as well as host arenas spread across France, this installment of the much-loved games is set to draw in around a million tourists and locals alike, to celebrate the awe-inspiring feats of athleticism which will be on display. 


    Other key host cities include Nice, Saint-Etienne, Marseille and Bordeaux!


    Cultural Events: Hanabi (Fireworks Festivals), Japan - All Month

    Attendance at Hanabi fireworks festivals across Japan is a must for those looking to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. The dazzling display of colorful fireworks and traditional Japanese music and food creates a lively and captivating atmosphere. This is a great time for guests to visit various parts of Japan and take in the beauty of its culture and tradition, and hotel owners can appeal to guests by offering unique experiences and amenities related to the event. 


    Sporting Events: Paralympic Games, France – August 28th - September 8th 

    Offering a thrilling 22 sports over 11 days, the Paralympic games are a cornerstone in the world’s sporting events, attracting more and more spectators with each edition. 4,400 of the world’s best paralympic athletes will compete in the biggest Paralympics to date! 


    And with the Paralympic games following so closely on from its sister event, the Olympics, this second installment of world-class athleticism is also another unmissable motivator for sports enthusiasts from all over the world.


    Log in for exclusive access to equally world-class tours, activities and hotels in trending areas of Paris, to maximise your customers’ trip and make it unforgettable! 



    Cultural Events: Oktoberfest, Germany – September 21st - October 6th  

    Germany’s Oktoberfest is a masterclass in how to have a good time. The world’s largest fair takes place for around two weeks each year and is the ultimate celebration of German culture: there’s delicious food, live music and, of course, plenty of beer to go around. So beloved is this atmospheric event that smaller iterations have cropped up around the globe, but tourists looking for an authentic experience should head to Munich, the true home of Oktoberfest.  


    Visitors can enjoy a variety of carnival rides and games, making it a fun experience for people of all ages. Plus, the atmosphere is filled with joy, laughter and camaraderie – encourage your clients to pack their bags, grab their lederhosen, and join the party! 


    Cultural Events: Mid-Autumn Festival, Asia – September 17th  

    Mid-Autumn Festival lunar calendar is 15th day of the 8th lunar month, but the date on the Gregorian calendar varies every year. The Mid-Autumn Day 2024 falls on September 17th. As the second most important celebration on the Chinese calendar – after Chinese New Year – this festival began as a celebration of the moon and has a tradition of deity, but it is also a time to reconnect with family members; it’s also called Mooncake Festival, or Moon Festival. This event is normally celebrated by gathering around a meal, worshipping and giving thanks to the moon, lighting paper candles and releasing them with loved ones, friends and family, eating delicious moon cakes and more! 


    This celebration is also widely celebrated in other countries aside from China, such as in America, Singapore and Malaysia, although it is not a public holiday in these locations.  


    Cultural Events: Chuseok, Korea – September 15th - 18th  

    The ending of the year is an important time for many cultures, and this rings true in Korea too! Meaning ‘Autumn Eve’, Chuseok is also known as Harvest Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, and is a significant celebration within Korean culture which lasts for three days and is spent giving thanks, celebrating with lots of delicious food, and gathering with loved ones, friends and family. Chuseok is also one of the most popular events for travellers with an appreciation for Korean culture, and something special to witness in 2024! 


    Industry Events: World Tourism Day, Global – September 27th  

    World Tourism Day aims to cultivate and create awareness among society globally of the social, political, economic significance and impact of tourism, and also its cultural worth and value. 


    Of course, this doesn’t mean that thousands of travellers are going to flock to travel to their favorite or exciting new destinations because of this date – but it is an important date in the travel industry calendar. One which you can be aware of, and use to understand how travel is changing, what that means for your audience, and build awareness about the types of travel opportunities you offer, directly inspired by each year’s theme! 



    Cultural Events: Halloween, Global – October 31st 

    Halloween is the perfect opportunity for travel providers to showcase their creativity and offer a unique vacation experience for their clients.  If you're looking for some seasonal inspiration, then our Booking Engine is packed with perfect activities for Halloween, no matter where your clients want to go. From stays at ‘haunted’ hotels to trips to Universal or Disneyland (both theme parks switch things up in time for the season!), there’s plenty here to tempt tourists to book!  


    Simply log in to access thousands of travel products to make your clients' experience unforgettable. 


    Cultural Events: The Day of the Dead, Mexico – November 1st - 2nd  

    Mexico's Day of the Dead is a vibrant and colorful celebration that offers a unique and authentic cultural experience for tourists. The holiday honors the dead with colorful altars, traditional food and lively parades, creating a feast for the senses. This is a great opportunity for your clients to learn about Mexican culture and traditions, and to immerse in the rich and vibrant atmosphere of the celebration!  


    Top tip: While traditionally celebrated on the November 1st and 2nd, other days including October 31st and November 6th may be included depending on the locality. 

    Commercial Events: Black Friday, Global – November 24th  

    While Black Friday isn’t strictly about travel, it’s certainly worth building offers and social media campaigns around. Like Singles Day in Asia (November 11th), Buen Fin in the Americas (November 17th) and Travel Tuesday (November 28th) , this is one commercial holiday that travel providers would be wise to mark in their calendar, since tourists will be on the lookout for good deals. 


    Check out our quick guide to preparing for Black Friday travel marketing, to inspire your own offers!  


    Cultural Events: Thanksgiving, US – November 28th  

    A feast-time for travel, Thanksgiving (held this year on November 28th) is a prime opportunity to tap into travel demand. This holiday sees roughly 55 million American travelers make the pilgrimage to their destination of choice, be that domestic or international.  


    Unsurprisingly, domestic travel is king during Thanksgiving: supported by a general preference for domestic travel year-round, the notion of togetherness is a major driver for travel over this period, presenting an opportunity for upselling via add-ons, such as car hire. Similarly, international travel presents an alternate opportunity: owing to slashed airfares (a typical practice by airlines around this particular holiday), your clients could snatch a deal – so consider sweetening it further with offers on other parts of their itinerary, such as their hotel stay. Besides, who is to say that new Thanksgiving traditions can’t be made outside of the US? 



    Cultural Events: Christmas, Global – December 25th 

    Unsurprisingly, the lead up to Christmas is a significant time for tourism for countries that celebrate this date: this is a time of year when people are looking to spend time with their loved ones and create special memories. Whether traveling home to be with loved ones or to experience different traditions, such as European Christmas markets or larger-than-life parades in destinations such as the United States, it’s highly likely that you’ll have clients who are desperate to get on the move.  


    Where possible, try to encourage your clients to book their December trips well in advance – hotels are likely to be in high demand, and flight prices will increase rapidly. 


    Cultural Events: New Year’s Eve, Global – December 31st  

    And so, the cycle begins again…but perhaps your clients are already planning ahead for New Year 2025? After all, what could be better than having a celebration to look forward to for the end of another year! If your customers are eager to make the most of the next 12 months of travel, consider planting the seed for a big, end-of-year blowout. Cities like London, New York and Sydney are classic recommendations for a memorable New Year’s Eve, but speak to your clients to discover their dream destination – they’ll want to secure their flights, hotels and tickets to any events well in advance! 



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