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    26 January 2021

    2020 in review: The full-year report from our research collaboration with Skift is published

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    The full-year findings (broken down by weeks) from our joint research project with Skift have been released.

    Back in June, we entered the Skift Recovery Index (SRI) collaboration project to better understand the impact COVID has had across the globe while helping to map out a recovery process. 

    The SRI is a real-time measure of where the travel industry stands in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and provides us all with a powerful tool for strategic planning in this currently volatile business climate.

    This latest report looks back on December and highlights Russia, the US and India's resurgence in travel over this period. It also shows that while the industry as a whole experienced a downturn, vacation rentals seemed to be the highlight of 2020. 

    Lastly, the Skift report predicts the industry's long-term forecast, identifying when we are most likely to return to 2019 travelling numbers.  Click here to download and read the special 2020 report.