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    13 July 2021

    Our latest data shows room nights and arrivals increasing in more markets

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    As a data driven company, we pride ourselves on having a huge array of industry information at our fingertips and our latest insights are showing an improvement in room night production and arrivals in a number of global markets.

    Following the pattern that has been established for some months now, there continues to be strong and consistent room night production in the Americas, mainly in countries such as the US, Mexico and Brazil, where we are recording numbers above 2019. It is also worth mentioning that Canada is also showing strong recovery, mostly in secondary destinations.

    We’ve also seen a recent recovery in Europe following the positive government actions in countries like UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, where the top destination countries are Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy and France.

    The picture remains more challenging in some areas of APAC as a result of severe on-going COVID restrictions but here we remain committed to doing all we can with our hoteliers and our clients as we wait for markets to reopen fully.

    Performance in arrivals has also improved during these last 4 weeks compared to 12 weeks ago and our data shows that future arrival months look very promising.

    Hotelbeds will continue to support all our hoteliers irrespective of the stage of recovery you are at, working hard to help you to be prepared for the future, focused on digitalisation and data analytics.

    We will ensure that no markets or destinations are left behind as part of our drive to fuel the recovery of our travel partners everywhere.