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    13 July 2021

    Take advantage of last-minute bookings by keeping your availability up to date!

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    Last minute bookings are one the most obvious trends emerging as a result of COVID so it’s super important you make sure your summer availability is up to date so you can take full advantage!

    Keeping us informed about the opening and closing dates of your hotel is also really helpful and you can do this via your account manager or by using the ‘hotel status’ update in MaxiRoom.

    This is especially important as our key travel distributors often ask us to provide them with up to date lists of opening dates and we use the information you share with us in the ‘opening date’ field in MaxiRoom to create these lists for them.

    And as well as the current trend for last minute bookings, we’re also starting to see demand increase for 2022 so again, please make sure your rates are updated and the availability is open for 2022 dates.

    Maxiroom is the perfect tool to perform all of these actions so be sure to check everything is up to date today!