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    5 December 2023

    How To Offer Comprehensive Travel with Hotelbeds in 2024

    offer comprehensive travel with hotelbeds

    Technology is becoming an increasingly prevalent part of the booking process - think automated booking tools, online booking platforms and mobile apps. In fact, 83% of Gen Z and 86% of Millennials suggest that booking on their phone is critical during their decision-making process, embracing what is accessible and at their fingertips.
    Similarly, access to a comprehensive travel offering - products and services which work for the customer both during the booking process, and during the experience itself - is critical. Here at Hotelbeds, we equip you with the right tools, and the right products, to cater to your clients' needs.


    How Hotelbeds Works To Take Your Business Further 

    It’s our mission to connect and empower the world of travel, and indeed the travel distributor themself: by combining intelligent TravelTech solutions with the power of our people, we connect global travel players to a wealth of products suited to any traveller type.
    Additionally, we constantly strive to ensure that our TravelTech solutions are specifically designed to meet and exceed our partners’ needs, no matter their place in the vast travel ecosystem.  
    Sign up today to become one of our valuable partners, and join our ever-growing network of travel distributors.


    Insights from real-time data 

    Owing to our vast data lake, our partners benefit from a wealth of market-specific insights, helping them to make intelligent choices and to capitalise on real-time demand. Meanwhile our intelligent cloud-based platforms enable our partners to work at speed – crucial, in an industry as fast-paced and demanding as the travel sector. 
    With around 4bn searches per day, 29 algorithms and a 91% accuracy rate, our data intelligence serves as a catalyst for travel providers aiming to unlock their full potential.  


    An Intelligent Booking Platform  

    Of course, as travel distributors you’re more than familiar with the processes of ensuring that your clients have a wide range of products to choose from during their decision-making journey.  
    It’s critical that all travel providers are equipped with an intuitive travel booking platform which can make each transaction as smooth as possible. From its seamless search functionality to easy booking management, our powerful Booking Engine is the strongest tool in your artillery, helping you to work at speed and to offer amazing experiences to your customers. 
    Combining our vast data lake with a user-friendly interface
    , our Booking Engine is informed by billions of searches, real market data, and six million intelligent algorithms – allowing you to effectively compete in the marketplace.


    Easily refine searches to find our exclusive and differentiated properties, offers and rate types, alongside thousands of travel products and services. Additionally, the platform’s in-built cross-selling functionality can further streamline the booking process – and can also help you to earn more.



    Sign up today to access our powerful booking platform, with in-built cross-selling functionalities, self-service tools and more!


    A Leading Product Portfolio In The Travel Industry 

    It's our mission to provide our partners, and the end-traveller, with as much choice as possible. 
    As industry leaders, we have curated a powerful network of service providers, granting our partners access to a wide product offering which enables them to generate demand and to capitalise on opportunity.
    Our Booking Engine offers easy access to thousands of hotels and ancillary products, ranging from transfers to experiences, tickets and car rental, among others.


    Whether your clients are seeking a truly immersive experience in their destination of choice, the perfect hotel to rest and relax in after a long day of sightseeing, a transfer to make getting from A-B even easier, or even car hire to better explore their chosen destination, it’s our mission to connect travel providers to the products, services and experience you need in order to offer every traveller their ideal getaway.  


    And with over 200,000 hotels in 170+ destinations worldwide, combined with 16,000+ experiences and thousands of travel products available exclusively to our clients, it’s no surprise that travel providers all over the globe are already trusting us to empower and connect them in the world of travel. 


    And we’re not done yet … 


    TravelTech Solutions Across The Ecosystem 

    The world of travel is forging ahead, further into the realm of innovation and connectivity. This is why we offer TravelTech solutions across the industry, to travel providers connected to end travellers and other players at any stage of the journey.


    Our TravelTech solutions are comprehensive and far-reaching to cater to the needs of travel providers across the industry.


    Our leading API suite - including Content API, Booking API and Cache API - is developed by our integration experts, designed to enhance developer experience and make the booking process faster and more intuitive, and enables you to successfully cater to travellers’ increasing desire for a smoother booking process, with less ‘shopping around’ and a less disjointed experience overall.   

    While our hotel extranet serves to streamline booking and management processes for hotel owners no matter the size of their establishment(s), and bring them in closer contact with travel distributors using Hotelbeds platforms and services. 


    Meanwhile, Insightsour live data intelligence tool, allows travel providers across the ecosystem to capitalise on demand as a result of AI-powered market opportunities for accelerated growth.


    This connective power makes us at Hotelbeds the ideal travel partner for providers looking to expand their reach, capitalise on demand, and enhance their offerings to capture valuable clients even from hard-to-reach segments. 



    Whether you need to manage the complete booking process, obtain hotel contents as you need them, or get the ‘full picture’ of all our hotels, there’s an solution to suit your needs at Hotelbeds.


    Sign up today to take your business one step further, and offer comprehensive travel with Hotelbeds.