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    17 November 2023

    The Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

    the best places to celebrate new year's eve client


    New Year's Eve is widely celebrated across various cultures worldwide. It is a time for both traditional and modern celebrations, symbolising new beginnings. Whether it is a time-honored event rooted in customs or a recently embraced opportunity, New Year's Eve offers travellers from all backgrounds the chance to immerse themselves in new experiences and cultures, creating memorable moments as they welcome the new year. 

    Of course, given the multitude of possibilities and the sheer volume of amazing destinations to celebrate New Year’s Even in, you and your clients may need a little inspiration. This is where we come in. 

    We have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most unmissable destinations, each tailored to cater to different types of travellers and taking into account the latest travel trends and behaviors exhibited by travellers this year. 

    So regardless of whether your clients are seeking an all-out party or something a little more cultural, we’ve got the perfect inspiration for you to curate their ideal getaway to welcome in the new year. 

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    Budget-Friendly New Year's Eve Destinations


    Prague is a versatile destination, appealing to a variety of audiences ranging from families and couples to party-seekers and solo travellers. One of its notable advantages is its affordability compared to many other European cities. With a wide range of experiences to offer, Prague ensures accessibility to all travellers, making it a more budget-friendly option than other stunning European destinations. 

    To fully experience the festivities and immerse yourself in the cultural atmosphere of Prague, we recommend heading towards the picturesque river banks near Charles Bridge. This iconic landmark serves as a gathering point for both locals and tourists, creating a relaxed environment to enjoy the evening! For those seeking a livelier atmosphere, the bustling Old Town Square or vibrant Wenceslas Square provide ample opportunities to party and dance the night away. 


    What to do: For budget-conscious travellers, Edinburgh's renowned Hogmanay celebration is a must-see. The city itself hosts a free, three days of live music and street parties from December 30th to January 1st, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere which truly brings the city to life. Additionally, the Edinburhg Hogmanay Street Party is usually reasonably priced, and attracts around 30,000 people to the streets of Edinburgh with its promise of firework displays, DJ sets, street food and fairground rides. 

    The fireworks display, which can be enjoyed from various locations across the city, eliminates the need for reservations (particularly for budget-conscious travellers!). While many bars and pubs in the area also hold Hogmanay celebrations, it is advisable to secure a reservation in advance to beat the crowds. 

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    Luxurious New Year's Eve Travel Locations


    What to do: Celebrate new year before almost anyone else!  

    Sydney's easterly time zone allows it to be one of the first cities to celebrate New Year's Eve, making it a highly anticipated event. Over a million people gather around the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, either on boats in the harbour or along the shore, to witness the spectacular light displays and breathtaking fireworks. 

    What’s more, as the celebrations take place during the enticing Australian summer, the warmer temperatures are a great perk for travellers heading over from some of the Northern-hemisphere destinations which have descended into winter’s chill. 

    Las Vegas 

    Las Vegas, being one of the premier party destinations in the world, is a perfect choice for a luxurious New Year's Eve celebration. Visitors can expect a plethora of opportunities, available for a price, of course! But there are countless experiences which are more than worth the investment, considering that on New Year’s Eve especially, Las Vegas is THE place to be for travellers who adore bright lights, dazzling venues, casinos, vibrant nightclubs, luxurious hotels and much more. And fireworks, of course! 

    What to do: For travellers seeking vibrant nightlife and endless entertainment, the captivating Las Vegas Strip is the ideal destination. With its renowned restaurants serving exquisite cuisine, iconic hotels, and extravagant parties, the Strip promises an unforgettable experience that justifies every penny spent. Alternatively, those yearning for the nostalgic charm of 'Old Vegas' can find it on Fremont Street. Here, live music, no-frills fun, and a genuine Vegas atmosphere await, with an array of bars and nightclubs catering to diverse preferences. 


    Dubai, with its breathtaking natural desert landscapes and reputation for opulence, is undoubtedly one of the premier luxury destinations for celebrating New Year's Eve.  

    What to do: To fully immerse your clients in the festivities, there are numerous spots throughout the city where the magnificent firework displays can be witnessed, which light up the sky as the clock strikes 12. One popular gathering spot is the waterfront of the Dubai Fountain, where visitors and residents alike can marvel at the mesmerizing light and music show. 

    For the best uninterrupted view of the Downtown fireworks, head to Burj Plaza! There’s even dining opportunities for what might just be the best example of ‘dinner and a show’ in the world …   

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    Perfect New Year's Eve Travel Plans For Party Goers 


    What to do: For a truly memorable experience, Puerta del Sol is the place to be, as its lively party is broadcast nationwide. But to truly embrace the Spanish New Year customs, travellers can participate in the local tradition of eating 12 grapes, one by one, as the Puerta del Sol bell rings in the new year. One for each month of the year, this represents good luck and well wishes for the year to come. And, if visitors fancy another go, just wait until 1am when the bell will toll again to mark midnight in the Canary Islands. 

    New York 

    While it’s certainly no surprise that New York city has made the list for party-seeking travellers, this exciting and diverse city is so popular for good reason. 

    What to do: In New York, there is no shortage of activities, parties, and entertainment to ring in the new year. From the iconic ball drop in Times Square to the fireworks display in Central Park, Prospect Park, or South Street Seaport, there is a wide range of atmospheric parties and celebrations that cater to everyone's preferences. New Year's Eve in New York is an experience like no other, with an abundance of options for travellers to enjoy. 


    Well known for its arts and music scene, Berlin appeals to thousands of visitors each year; and while Berlin is a great spot for a party all year round, New Year’s Eve in Germany’s party city is a particularly big deal. 

    What to do: For those seeking a memorable way to ring in the new year, a highly recommended option is the free festival and fireworks extravaganza at the iconic Brandenburg Gate. Held annually on Silvester, or New Year's Eve, this event is renowned as one of the largest open-air celebrations of its kind worldwide. With its vibrant atmosphere and stunning pyrotechnic display, this is a must-attend party for revelers from all corners of the globe. Don't miss out on the opportunity to dance the night away and welcome the new year with style and grandeur. 

    In addition, the nightlife in Berlin extends well into the early hours of New Year’s Day, providing ample opportunities for partygoers to prolong their festive celebrations. Plus, Berlin's renowned Christmas Markets remain open until the beginning of January, making it an ideal destination for a multi-day visit! 


    Goa, widely recognised as the ultimate party destination in India, offers a diverse range of options for adventurous visitors seeking an exhilarating and accessible experience to celebrate the new year. With its multitude of events, Goa has something to offer to a wide spectrum of people, from intimate couples seeking a romantic celebration to energetic parties brimming with like-minded revelers. 

    What to do: Clients can celebrate amidst the stunning beaches and partake in the exciting beach parties, complete with bonfires, barbeques, music, dancing, and fireworks. Additionally, cruise parties are a popular choice, allowing clients to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of New Year's on the water in Goa. 


    Cultural Experiences For New Year's Eve

    Chiang Mai  

    What to do: Chiang Mai is a wonderful destination to visit at any time of year, but the traditional celebrations that occur on New Year's Eve make it truly remarkable. On December 31st, a large gathering of locals and visitors release paper lanterns into the sky, symbolizing luck and good fortune. This breathtaking display is the perfect way to kick off the new year. 

    Rather than the Loy Krathong or Yee Peng floating lantern festival, the paper lanterns released to celebrate New Year’s Eve are released at Tae Phae Gate, one of the prime locations for this event in Chiang Mai. Along with live performances, music, food stalls, fireworks, and a countdown, it offers an ideal setting for a magnificent New Year celebration in this bustling destination. Though traffic is blocked off from Tae Phae Gate, this area gets crowded so it’s worth heading up well before the celebrations start. 

    Many temples also offer midnight meditation sessions on New Year’s Eve, which makes for an unforgettable experience for travellers looking for an authentic, traditional way to welcome in the new year. 


    Well-known as one of the cultural capitals of the European world, Vienna is another perfect destination for travellers looking to add another layer of richness to their New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

    What to do: One of the highlights of the city's calendar is the Silvesterpfad, or 'New Year's Eve Trail', which takes place in the Old Town. This festive event offers a variety of parties, an abundance of street food, and lively music to enhance the evening. At the stroke of midnight, the resonating sound of Pummerin, the renowned bell of St. Stephen's Cathedral, reverberates throughout the city. This momentous occasion holds great significance, as the bell only chimes on special, commemorative events. Following local tradition, it is customary to exchange marzipan pigs as symbols of good luck to welcome the arrival of the new year! 


    What to do: Head to Central World Square, the highlight of the city on New Year's Eve where people from all walks of life gather to celebrate this new beginning. Fireworks released at midnight can be see all over the city from here, and the square itself offers exciting bars and clubs which come to life after midnight. To see the city from a new angle, a lavish dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River is a perfect choice! 


    What to do: To make the most of their visit, we recommend clients stop by Meiji Shrine, one of Tokyo's renowned temples to immerse themselvess in the wonder and beauty of this culturally significant landmark. Another option is to explore Zoji-ji Temple, a beloved destination for both locals and tourists. Here, travellers can enjoy a captivating ritual as a monk rings a temple bell 108 times, symbolising the arrival of the new year.  

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    Family-Fun New Year's Eve Travel Ideas


    While this winter-wonderland destination doesn’t have an ‘official’ fireworks display, as has become customary for many celebrations around the world, this doesn’t stop the Icelandic capital from having one of the world’s most spectacular pyro-technic displays each New Year!   

    What to do: Our recommended activity involves the collaboration of the city's residents, who gather to acquire fireworks from ICE-SAR, Iceland's Search and Rescue, and ignite them at the stroke of midnight. This not only serves as a remarkable means of supporting a vital institution, but also offers a truly breathtaking experience for everyone witnessing the display, and a memorable start to the new year!  


    While this stunning location might not be the first to come to mind when thinking about family-friendly New Year’s Eve experiences, it’s a gorgeous city which can be readily accessed, and offers great value for money in-destination. 

    What to do: In Bratislava's mediaeval Old Town, starting from around lunchtime on December 31st, a vibrant street party takes place, offering a variety of events and celebrations suitable for all ages. Participants can engage in traditional activities, enjoy music and dancing, and witness a spectacular firework display over the Danube. Additionally, there is a unique tradition of using rehtackas, wooden noisemakers, to symbolically drive away any negative energies from the previous year. 


    What to do: Simple, but effective, London offers a truly remarkable fireworks display which illuminates the iconic city skyline at the stroke of midnight. Vast crowds gather along the banks of the Thames, occupying most the space available along the roads and bridges, to witness the display which creates a lively and atmospheric evening! As the clock ticks towards midnight, Big Ben begins a countdown to mark the arrival of the new year, and then spectacular fireworks are set off around the London Eye. Due to its popularity, we recommend you advise clients to book as soon as possible!  

    Disney Resorts 

    Of course, what families wouldn’t want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the ‘happiest place on earth’?  

    From Disneyland Paris to Disney World Resort in Orlando and Disneyland Tokyo, these destinations are highly sought after for their family-oriented festivities. As a result, it is highly recommended to make bookings well in advance to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience, thus avoiding any potential disappointment. 

    What to do: The Disney experience offers specifically catered events for children, making it one of the most magical gifts for children during this time of year. At Disney World in Orlando for example, all four theme parks stay open until midnight or later, with many of their famous rides still accessible. Additionally, there are thrilling dance parties and impressive fireworks displays to enjoy. Elsewhere, the Magic Kingdom also run special early performances for those who can’t make it until midnight, and Epcot offers great shows and dining experiences for all!   

    So, what about planning 2024 New Year’s Eve now?   


    If you have any ideas for your clients' perfect celebration, we invite you to explore our wide range of hotels, tours, experiences, and more on our advanced Booking Engine. 
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