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    27 November 2023

    New Changes to Our Booking Engine!

    New Changes Coming to our Booking Engine

    There’s change on the horizon here at Hotelbeds: as part of our commitment to being the best partner for you, we have levelled-up your user experience by implementing a series of updates to our Booking Engine.

    Change doesn’t have to be scary…

    In fact, quite the contrary. Rather than interfering with the way you work, it is now easier than ever for you to navigate your way around the Booking Engine. In short, you’ll find the same set of features that you already know and love, refreshed for a better user experience.

    Here’s everything you need to know…

    Our Powerful Platform, Optimised for Any Screen

    Whether on the move or stationed at your desk, our powerful Booking Engine is designed to work seamlessly on any screen – including on mobile.

    So, no matter where you go, you can still focus on creating extra-ordinary experiences for your clients!


    Streamlined Search Functionality

    Juggling tasks can sometimes be a hassle – but with our new search functionality, you can easily navigate between tabs within the same session. This allows you to conduct several searches at once, without ever having to leave the screen!

    You can discover new destinations, explore a wide portfolio of products, or craft multiple itineraries with ease – more still, you can even cross-sell items during the booking flow, or straight from the cart! With these new changes, you will be able to create broad itineraries tailored to your clients’ taste, with hotels, mobility options and a plethora of experiences available to ‘add to cart’.


    Efficient Comparisons Between Accommodations

    Speaking of creating the perfect experience for your clients, another new feature we’re excited to share is our interactive map. This brand-new addition to our Booking Engine allows you to visualise a property’s location, including its proximity to popular sights. So, no matter where your client is headed next, they can rest assured that a good nights’ rest is only a stone’s throw away.

    To enable easy comparison between accommodation options, we’ve also made it possible for you to see hotel details in a list format next to the map. This enables you to see, at a glance, which property is most suited to their needs – so in addition to location, you can quickly determine their preference based on star rating, price and special features, among other qualities.


    Easier Booking Management

    Finally, managing your bookings via our improved interface could not be simpler: access full details (such as client name, check-in date, itinerary and booking reference) at any time in ‘Modify My Booking’. You can even make changes or cancellations without hassle, thanks to clearly-marked buttons and navigation.